August 10th & 17th


The link to sign up will be posted 2 weeks before the audition dates.

  • Info Session: August 3rd at 7PM via Zoom SIGN UP HERE
  • Auditions: August 10th & 17th SIGN UP FOR AUDITIONS HERE
  • Call-backs: August 20th
  • Cast Announced: August 22nd
  • Rehearsals: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, evenings from 6:00-9:00pm and a few Saturday rehearsals. Not everyone is called for every rehearsal.
  • Tech rehearsals: October 17th – 20th
  • Performances:
    October 21st – 7:30 PM, October 22nd – 7:30 PM ,October 23rd – 2:00 PM, October 27th – 7:30 PM, October 28th – 7:30 PM, October 29th – 2PM, October 29th – 7:30 PM, October 30th – 2:00 PM
    HOLD for possible added performance: October 22nd – 2:00 PM

Director: Lydia Wagner
Scenic Designer: Mark Hennings
Costume Designer: Jessica Mancini
Props Master: Bonnie Bologna
Sound Designer: Steve Sanders
Artistic Director: Allyson Richert

Audition Monologue Options


Hercule Poirot (Belgian, 30’s – 50’) A world famous detective – though unappreciative of this fame. Particular, determined, and Poirot appears to be a grounded beacon of truth, but feels the pressure of their abilities under the surface. Both arrogant and humble to fault. An observer of people, astute at analyzing why people behave as they do. Gender: Male identifying 

Monsieur Constantine Bouc (Belgian, 30’s – 50’s) Director of Wagon-Lit, the train company that owns the Orient Express, a playful, generous, proud host. Will do anything to preserve a good time among friends. Gender: Male identifying 

Mary Debenham (British, 20’s – 30’s) A governess, capable yet anxious, though young – she carries herself with the weight of someone wise beyond her years, clearly has a secret and an unknown relationship to Colonel Arbuthnot.Gender: Female identifying  Possible Onstage Kiss

Colonel Arbuthnot (Scottish, 20’s – 40’s) Handsome, very matter of fact, clearly has a secret and an unknown connection to Mary Debenham and is much worse at hiding it than she is, takes charge when he needs to. He is strong, charismatic, but also problematic in some of his personal views. Has a temper. Gender: Male identifying  Possible Onstage Kiss

Hector MacQueen (American, 20’s – 30’s) Secretary and assistant to Samuel Ratchett, tightly wound, edgy and nervous, always seems to be on the verge of falling apart. Seems rather new to his profession. Talks a bit too much. Gender: Male identifying 

Michel the Conductor/ Head Waiter (French, 30’s – 50’s) Polite, hard-working, happy to have a good position on the Orient Express, eager to please. Doubles as head waiter. Gender: Male identifying 

Princess Dragomiroff (Russian, 50’s – 70’s) The Princess is a battleship: determined, arrogant, and accustomed to getting her way. She has a sweeping presence, and holds very decided opinions.Gender: Female identifying 

Greta Ohlsson (Swedish, 20’s – 40’s) Missionary, inherently odd, very strict and religiously devout, plain with a sheepish, almost frightened quality, Princess Dragomiroff is paying her way in exchange for helping her on her journey. Gender: Female identifying 

Countess Andrenyi (Hungarian, 20’s – 40’s)  In addition to being married to a count (and thus, nobility), she also is a doctor. Beautiful, inviting, charming, and intelligent enough to match wits with Poirot. Must also be able to do an American accent.Gender: Female identifying 

Helen Hubbard (American, 40’s – 70’s) Eccentric, bold and outspoken with a touch of flamboyance, from the American midwest, jovial, deliciously nosy and brash, she can talk to anyone, even if they don’t want to listen. Gender: Female identifying 

Samuel Ratchett (American, 40’s – 60’s) A dangerous and unlikable man, full of entitlement, with a temper. Must have a forceful personality, and come across as someone not to be trusted or crossed. As the murder victim, this actor may be required to remain on stage and still for an extended period of time. Gender: Male identifying 

Head Waiter (Turkish, 20’s – 30’s) Snooty and smooth, a (phony) name dropper. Doubles as Michael the conductor. Gender: Male identifying