Bussing, Loading & Dismissal procedures

Please carefully read the information below and pass this onto your bus drivers.  Make sure you are looking at the correct venue.  Bus policies have been put into place at each location to ensure the safety of you and your students. Please review the policies before your field trip.


ARRIVAL We ask that you arrive no earlier than 25 minutes prior to showtime. Upon your arrival, a GREAT Theatre volunteer or staff member will enter your bus and provide parking, unloading and loading instructions.

SEATING We will begin seating approximately 20 minutes before the show starts. The performance will start on time! A GREAT volunteer will help usher your students into their seats.  If you need to rearrange students, please do so after everyone has been seated or have them exit the bus in the order you  would like them to be seated.  

RESTROOMS Please find your seats prior to using the restrooms. The restrooms are limited and easily congested, so plan accordingly. The performance will start on time! If you need to use the restrooms prior to leaving, please notify a GREAT volunteer when you arrive so we can plan dismissal accordingly.  

DISMISSAL In order to return students to their schools in a timely manner we will dismiss you by school during the cast Q&A. For the safety of all, we ask that you wait inside until a GREAT volunteer lets you know that your bus has pulled up. Please count your students as they wait in line to load.  We cannot allow buses to remain parked in the loading area for head counts.  Your cooperation will make everyone’s departure a smooth and quick process.

EMERGENCY If an emergency arises on the day of your show, please call GREAT at 320.258.2787

Tell your bus driver to park to unload students directly in front of the Paramount Theatre.  If we have more than two busses parked in front, the bus driver  will be asked to pull around the block to wait on 9th Ave N until our bus patrol volunteer motions for them to pull around front.  

Park to unload students directly in front of the South East doors. Look for the green GREAT Theatre flags. Drivers may park in the parking lot directly behind and adjacent to the building.

A GREAT Theatre volunteer or staff member will enter your bus and give some instructions. After students have unloaded, busses may continue down St. Germain Street and park at the St. Cloud Regional Library.  

About 20 minutes to when the show is over, the GREAT bus patrol volunteer will let them know when to report back to the Paramount Theatre.  It is important to follow instructions on order of dismissal as well as which door to park in front of.  The students are simultaneously being dismissed from the theatre with the same instructions.  

SPECIAL NOTES FOR HOMESCHOOL GROUPS You may either park on the street or in the parking ramp directly behind the Paramount Theatre.  For the safety of your students and ease in theatre access, we highly recommend you use the parking ramp.  

You should enter the Paramount with your group through the north doors on the same side of the building as the ramp.  Once inside, please assemble your group in the granite lobby by the restrooms and box office windows.  This area is through theatre lobby and to your left.  This is our designated small group waiting area.  Once your entire party has arrived one person should inform a GREAT volunteer usher so that you may be seated.  

After the show, large groups will be dismissed by school.  Small groups and homeschools are free to dismiss themselves.  Please gather your group by the entryway of the North doors so the dismissal of large groups doesn’t get congested in the lobby area.  

Paramount Theatre Map

913 Saint Germain St. West
Saint Cloud, MN 56301 




710 Sundial Drive
Waite Park, MN 56387