With our new Helgeson Learning Lab Theatre we will be introducing a series of opportunities to learn all the backstage jobs that bring a play production to life. Opportunities for youth and adults of all abilities will be available in set building, light design and operation, stage management, sound design and operation, costume design and building, running crew and prop design.

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Set Building: It's A Wonderful life

Work with GREAT Technical Staff to use basic and intermediate carpentry skills and painting to be used creating the set for our production.  This is a beginning or intermediate level experience for youth (ages 10+ with adult), teens 16+ or adults.

Script In Hand Light Board Operator

Interested in being trained in to run the light board for a future Script In Hand performance?  This is a intermediate level experience for an individual 13+ who has participated or volunteers in a GREAT or School play or camp previously.  Contact for dates and times.

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Light Hang 101

Work with GREAT Lighting Designer to learn how to do an official “Light Hang” in the Learning Lab Theatre.  This is a beginning level experience for youth (ages 8+ with adult), teens 13+ and adults

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