Anne of Green Gables

We are proud to announce the cast on the show page for Anne of Green Gables show page! 

The first rehearsal and Cast Meeting is Monday, December 11th at 6pm at GREAT Studios, 919  St. Germain St, downtown St. Cloud on the third Floor. Please complete your cast registration by the end of the day Sunday. Thank you.


Rehearsal Schedule:

December- Mondays to Thursdays 6-9:00pm
January- Mondays to Thursdays 6-9:00pm and Saturdays 10-3 

Directed & Choreographed by Heather Mastromarco
Musical Direction by Hillary Vermillion
Stage Managed by Amanda Kivel

CHARACTER Information: We will be auditioning ages 8-80 for this production.

ANNE SHIRLEY: An orphan girl with a vivid imagination who is mistakenly brought to the home of brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, and lives with them on their farm, Green Gables. Anne is stubborn, passionate, loyal, and intelligent, red haired and freckled with a fiery temper. Age 12-17

MARILLA CUTHBERT: A no-nonsense woman who raises Anne–she is stern yet caring but doesn’t let that side of her nature show. She lives with Matthew, her unmarried brother. She has a wry sense of humor and is eventually affectionate toward Anne. 
 Age 50-60

MATTHEW CUTHBERT: A bachelor farmer who oversees Green Gables with his spinster sister Marilla, A hardworking, caring man, but is withdrawn and painfully shy around women. Allows Marilla to dictate Anne's upbringing but, as the closest character in the play to Anne, he can sometimes soften Marilla's disciplinary approach. Sweet, soft-spoken Age 50-60

GILBERT BLYTHE: A handsome, smart and confident young man who becomes Anne’s rival when he makes the mistake of teasing her about her red hair. Anne swears never to speak to Gilbert.  Age-12-17

DIANA BARRY: Loyal, naïve, cautious and sweet. She is Anne’s best friend, schoolmate and kindred spirit. Age 12-17

JOSIE PYE: A girl in Anne’s class–a “born trouble-maker”–who likes Gilbert and resents Anne for the feelings he has for her. Age 12-17

RACHEL LYNDE: The town busybody, she likes nothing better than to share her opinion with everyone and never fails to advise Marilla, her friend, on how to raise Anne. Age 40-60

MISS MURIEL STACY: An Avonlea school mistress, creative, warm and patient. Radiates enthusiasm and rampant desire for learning. She is a role model for Anne and is a stark contrast to the strict authoritarian, Mr. Phillips. Age 22-35

MR. PHILLIPS: A schoolmaster in Avonlea. A boring disciplinarian, severe and authoritarian. Does not take to Anne’s classroom outbursts. Age 20-40

MRS. BARRY: Diana’s slightly stuck up mother, a moralistic woman who has reservations about her daughter’s friendship with Anne. Age 30-40

LUCILLA: Eager to please store clerk Age 25-50

STATIONMASTER: Jovial and easy‐going, the station master is entertained by Anne when she first arrives in Avonlea. Age 30-60

MAILMAN AND FARMER: Nosey country folk Age 30-60

ADULT ENSEMBLE – Men and Women to play various characters. (busy-bodies, townsfolk, parents etc) Ages 18-80

CHILDREN ENSEMBLE- to play Anne’s classmates Ages 8-18