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what if there could be a theatre designed for learning?

We strive to ensure everyone in central Minnesota will have access to the transformative power of the arts. The GREAT Learning Lab Theatre is the answer to the communities need for increased programming and access for all.

> Currently two of every three people who audition we are unable to cast in our productions due to demand.  The Learning Lab Theater will ensure there is a role for everyone and provide theater arts experiences for hundreds more participants each year.

> As theater arts are cut in school across the community, GREAT is ready to provide critical theatre arts learning opportunities for all ages.

> Mobile staging, chairs and state-of-the-art theater equipment will make the Learning Lab Theatre a flexible space for collaboration and creativity for students, families, businesses and other arts groups.

> The expected capacity of the Learning Lab Theatre will be 150. 


Community Impact 

The Final Act gives GREAT a chance to turn our beliefs into actionable strategies that will have a big impact on the people of Central Minnesota.


Building life skills through quality arts education. The Learning Lab Theatre will narrow the gap in arts education that our schools are unable to address alone. This means expanding after-school and summer camp opportunities for kids and teens.  Onstage and backstage we will have a role for everyone in our community. 

Eliciting joy, empathy and self-discovery through live theatre experiences. The Learning Lab Theatre will unite individuals in a shared joyful theatrical experience -- strangers become friends, common ground is discovered and self-discovery begins. In imagining the lives of others, our capacity for empathy is strengthened.  

Telling the stories of our community. The Learning Lab Theatre will allow GREAT to tell stories that are not often told (Somali, Latino, refugee, preschool, senior, teen, social issues and original work) because of venue size and cost.

Creating social connections and civic engagement through volunteerism. The Learning Lab Theatre and expanded Scene Shop will create more opportunities for volunteerism and will provide a new community space for special events that complement the mission of GREAT Theatre. 

Ensuring accessibility and inclusion for all. The Learning Lab Theatre will bring together the rich and diverse perspectives, ideas and talents of people in our community. It will provide a place for new actors and artists to practice and perform their skills to get ready for the big stage. 

Providing fiscal integrity and excellent service. The Learning Lab Theatre will enable GREAT to respond to community demand for creative theater opportunities, while still being responsible stewards of donor dollars due to lower operating expenses and new revenue opportunities.