January 8, 2020

Heather is local to St. Cloud now – that is. She was actually born and raised in Canada. She’s lived in St. Cloud for many years and has been involved with GREAT Theatre for 10 years. When she’s not causing belly laughs or belting out a song on stage, Heather is also a freelance writer.

Connecting the dots yet?

Over a year and a half ago, we reached out to Heather to see if she’d be interested in creating an interactive dinner theatre piece. And boy, did she grab that bull by the horns. Over a year of drafting, imagining, writing, re-working, finessing, and soon we’ll all be engrossed in a hilarious but suspenseful story.

So what is is like to write a full-fledged script? Well for Heather, it meant 5+ hours a week writing, often at our area Caribous. And, yes… there may be some Minnesota + Caribou Coffee related humor in the show. Maybe. In fact, Heather first started imagining and brainstorming different characters and their relationships, and MN humor just stuck… ya know?