If you’re reading this page, that means you’re hopefully joining us soon for a performance, and we love that. We care a LOT about growing our audience and making sure people who are newer to live theatre have a great experience. Have a question that’s not answered here? Send us a message or give us a call! Our number is 320-258-2787


Your Questions Answered

We perform our shows at 3 different beautiful venues. Make sure to locate which theater your show is being performed:

Ticket prices depend on when you buy, the performance, date, and seat. Our average ticket price is $19. There are a few other helpful tips you should know as well:

  1. The best deals come when you don’t wait until the very last minute to order tickets. We never offer last minute discounts because we don’t want to undercut patrons who already purchased their seats. In fact, prices actually increase based on demand as the performance date approaches. In other words, as the house gets more full, prices go up accordingly. Most of our performances are at or near capacity, so whenever you see a show you’d like to attend, you save by not waiting (and of course you have better seats to choose from as well).
  2. Another way to save is to subscribe to our season. Subscribing gives you the ultimate flexibility, savings, and perks. You create your own ticket package by selecting at least 3 shows and customizing the number of tickets for each. When you subscribe, not only will you save more than 30% off single ticket prices, but you are also locking in a lower ticket price for the entire season. That’s right! You can purchase additional subscription tickets to any show throughout the season!
  3. We believe in ensuring accessibility and inclusion for all. We do this by partnering with other local nonprofits and organizations to provide opportunities for people to attend who wouldn’t otherwise be able to and also offer special pricing for student matinee performances. This is made possible by our generous donors.

More than anything, we want you to be comfortable when you join us for a show, so dress in a way that works for you. Some people love dressing up and going out—if that’s you, do it and you won’t be the only one, we promise. If you prefer to be more casual, then you probably won’t be the only one dressed casually, either. What you won’t see a lot of is black tie. At shows for children, it’s not unusual to see kids dressed as their favorite character. In short, you do you! We’re just glad you’re joining us.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the performance is set to begin. This will give you time to grab a drink or treat at concessions and use the restrooms if needed. If you arrive after the performance has begun, you will be seated at the discretion of the ushers, most likely during a scene break with applause. When the performance is about to begin, the lights will dim. This is a signal for the audience to put aside concerns and conversation and settle quietly into the world of live theater.

Absolutely! Feel free to applaud and laugh at appropriate times, such as after a joke or after a scene or song.  The actors thrive off of the audience’s energy, so please react to the performance. That said, it can be distracting to those around you and to the actors if you talk, whisper, hum, or sing along during the performance.  Please be courteous and show respect to your fellow theater patrons by removing a crying or disruptive child.


Yes! They love to meet, take photos with, and sign autographs for anyone and everyone! Meet the cast after the performance is over in the theater lobby.

What we don’t like are phones ringing or making other noises during the performance, or when your phone is blowing up so much it practically looks like a strobe light—just like people don’t like those things at the movie theater. What we do like is people having fun and sharing that experience with others, so take your selfies, check in on Facebook – just NOT during the performance. Please make sure your phone is on silent and put away once the performance begins.

Photography and videography of the performance is strictly prohibited by the rights and royalties we pay for each show.  Live theater is not meant to be reproduced; it is meant to be experienced.