May 9-18, 2025

Auditions: Roles for ages 14+


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A poignant and poetic reimagining of the timeless love story of Orpheus and Eurydice

The newlywed and newly dead Eurydice arrives in the underworld–without memories or language–where she is reunited with her father. When Orpheus shows up to rescue her, Eurydice must choose between staying or escaping with her husband. The classic heroine finds her voice in this poetic, humorous, and hopeful retelling of the ancient Greek myth. Offering a unique perspective, this play explores how we process loss and the tensions between love, familial bonds, and personal autonomy.

The intimacy of Helgeson Learning Lab Theatre is ideal for creating the dreamlike atmosphere of Eurydice. Featuring state-of-the-art theatrical lighting and sound, the Lab brings audiences closer to the stories being told. This intimate space puts you within feet of the stage and actors – with the same high-quality designs and productions GREAT is known for at the Paramount Center for the Arts.

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Content Advisory: GREAT does not rate subject matter as sensitivities vary from person to person. Please note this play involves emotional themes including love, loss, mortality and the afterlife. If you have other questions about the content or age appropriateness please contact us at 320-258-2787.

Calendar for Eurydice

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  • 7:30pm CDT
  • 7:30pm CDT
  • 7:30pm CDT
  • 7:30pm CDT
  • 2:00pm CDT