October 18-27, 2024

Auditions: Roles for ages 18+


Adult Tickets: $38–$48 (+$3.50/ticket fee)
No student ticket due to content

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A new musical that serves up a generous slice of humor and a side of candid dialogue, while navigating life’s unexpected ingredients.

Set against the backdrop of a small-town diner, this musical follows the journey of Jenna, a talented pie-maker and waitress who finds herself unhappily married and pregnant. A baking contest in a nearby county and a satisfying encounter with someone new presents a tempting recipe for a chance at a fresh start. With help from her spunky co-workers, each with their own aspirations, struggles, and relatable stories, she finds the courage to take a long abandoned dream off the shelf and start fresh.

Based on the film and featuring a soul-stirring score by Grammy-nominated artist Sara Bareilles, Waitress is a celebration of resilience, self-discovery, and the family we choose. It serves up a generous helping of toe-tapping tunes and unforgettable moments, proving that even in the face of challenges there’s a chance to bake your own recipe for happiness.

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Adults: $35 | no student tickets due to content


Adult Tickets: $38–$48 (+$3.50/ticket fee) | (no student tickets due to content)


Content Advisory: GREAT does not rate subject matter as sensitivities vary from person to person. Due to the mature themes in the script (domestic abuse, infidelity, drinking, and depression) as well as physical and verbal innuendo, we have opted to only sell adult tickets to this show. If you have other questions about the content or age appropriateness please contact us at 320-258-2787.

Calendar for Waitress

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