2019-2020 Season Auditions

We will continue to announce our 19/20 audition dates and artistic teams over the next month! GREAT auditions are open to everyone (cultural diversity and all abilities are encouraged!) and while being in a show is great fun, it is also a lot of work. We really need and appreciate time from our actors' families to help make the shows amazing by helping with sets, costumes, ushering, or backstage! 

What to prepare for your audition will be posted online and audition slot sign-ups will be live two weeks prior to auditions.

Dennis Whipple

Auditions: Sunday, July 14th and Monday, July 15th
Directed by Aimee Miron
Musical Direction by Holly & Garrett Lathe
Choreography by Britta J Peterson
Stage Managed by Michelle Hommerding

Auditions: Sunday, August 25th and Monday, August 26th
Directed by Bonnie Bologna
Stage Managed by Amanda Byrd

Auditions: Sunday, September 22 and Monday, September 23rd
Directed by Aimee Miron
Musical Direction by Kelli Killmer
Choreography by Megan Seamans

Auditions: Sunday, November 24th 
Call-backs: Tuesday, November 26th
Directed & Choreographed by Matthew Michael Ferrell
Musical Direction by Aaron VanDanacker
Stage Managed by Mickey Morstad

Auditions: Monday, December 16th
Directed by Debra Leigh

Auditions: Sunday, January 19th and Monday, January 20th
Directed by Heather Mastromarco
Stage Managed by Liz Calpas

Auditions: Sunday, February 23rd and Monday, February 24th
Directed by Aimee Miron
Musical Direction by Hillary Vermillion
Choreography by Desiree' Clark
Stage Managed by Amanda Kivel

Auditions: Sunday, March 22nd and Monday, March 23rd
Directed by Mickey Morstad
Stage Managed by Michelle Hommerding


Script in hand AUDITIONS

by Deborah Zoe Laufer

Auditions: Monday, May 20th 7:00pm 
Performs: Sunday, June 9th 7:30pm

Recommended for adults due to adult language, this full length comedy has roles for five performers (teens 16+).

  • NELSON STEINBERG- a nerdy high schooler, tries to find the positive side to everything; in love with Rachel.
  • RACHEL STEIN- a high schooler, recently turned Goth as a form of rebellion.
  • SYLVIA STEIN- Rachel's mother; believes she knows what's best for her family; a bit high strung.
  • ARTHUR STEIN- Rachel's father; formerly a successful CEO, he now sits around the house in his pajamas.
  • STEPHEN HAWKING & JESUS- played by the same actor.

PLAYlabs auditions

by Luigi Pirandello
Directed by Joshua Cash

An abstract play based in reality, Six Characters in Search of an Author follows the action of six characters who crash the rehearsal of a play in progress. These characters proceed to take everyone at the rehearsal for the ride of their lives. This classic piece of literature brings together a number of people with different stories to create a unique comedy/drama for the ages.

Audition Date: May 27 at the Helgeson Learning Lab Theatre, 710 Sundial Drive, Waite Park
Performance Dates: July 11-13
Rehearsal Schedule: Monday-Thursday 6-9pm, Saturday 1-4pm

For your audition please prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue. 
In addition, sides from the show will be provided for cold readings. 



  • The Father: Male, Late 30’s to Mid-50’s – Seemingly a normal family man who is self-absorbed and desperate to have his story told. Greasy and a smooth-talker.

  • The Mother: Female, Early 30’s to Mid-50’s – Normally timid and submissive to her husband, but is very protective of her children.

  • The Stepdaughter: Female, Late Teens to Mid-20’s – A rough childhood has left her embittered against her parents. Seductive by nature and protective of her siblings.

  • The Son: Male, 20’s – Distant and bitter, he hates his family and of the six characters, he cares about getting their story told the least.

  • The Boy: Male, 11-15 – Pushed around by the rest of the family, he does not have much to say for himself. (non-speaking role)

  • The Child: Female, 6-13 – Scared of her family’s situation, she watches everything that happens. (non-speaking role)

  • Madame Pace: Female, Late 40’s to Mid 60’s – Italian accent, she has made her living by preying on the innocence of young girls.

  • The Director: Male, Late 20’s to Mid 40’s – Imaginative and creative, he is excited to tell stories that have not been told before.

  • The Stage Manager: Male/Female, Late Teens to Early 40’s – Stressed and rushed, their job is to make sure everything is running smoothly.

  • Leading Lady: Female, Early 20’s to Mid 30’s – Actress who is cynical of the six characters.

  • Leading Man: Male, Early 20’s to Mid 30’s – Actor who is cynical of the six characters.

  • Juvenile Lead: Male, Late Teens to Late 20’s – Actor who is cynical of the six characters.

  • Second Lady Lead: Mid 20’s to Late 30’s – Actress who is cynical of the six characters.

  • Stage Hands X2: Male/Female, Late Teens to Mid 30’s – Will be in charge backstage bringing on any set pieces or props that are needed. Will also have some lines in addition to duties stated previously.