Clue: The Musical

Directed by David Symalla who has directed Grease and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe for GREAT.

Choreography by Samantha Collen who has choreographed Mary Poppins and A Christmas Story The Musical for GREAT.

Musical Direction by Dru Faith who has been our pianist for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Peter Pan and Mr. Popper’s Penguins. 

In the mysterious Boddy Manor, a devious murder has occurred. Candlestick, wrench, knife, pipe, revolver, rope. Six colorful suspects are at the heart of this deathly funny musical comedy. Think you have what it takes to fill the shoes of some of the most iconic board game characters in history? The petty Professor Plum, the poisonous Mrs. Peacock,  the greedy Mr. Green, the wicked Mrs. White, the malevolent Colonel Mustard, and the spiteful Miss Scarlet all trying to prove their innocence in a game of who done it where the outcome is determined by the audience, guided by the illustrious Mr. Boddy, and a daring Detective who is not shy about questioning our rogues gallery.

Audition Information:  We will be auditioning ages 18 and up for this production.

Mr. Boddy: -Charismatic, handsome, playful host. 30+; Baritone/Tenor

Mrs. Peacock:  -Acerbic, manipulative, sexy socialite 40s (wants to be younger); Mezzo w/ belt

Colonel Mustard: -Pompous, randy, military man, 40s-50s; Baritone

Professor Plum: -Astute intellectual with a wry sense of humor 30s; Baritone

Mrs. White: (Can be played by a man) -Fun-loving cockney maid 30s-40s; Wide vocal range

Miss Scarlet:   -Shrewd, very attractive vixen 20s; wide vocal range with belt

Mr. Green: -Slick, handsome, wheeler-dealer 20s; Baritone/ Tenor

Detective: -Hard-nosed, snappy, humorous female 30s; Wide vocal range

Rehearsal Schedule will be 4-5 nights a week starting March 26th.