Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook

Director: Mickey Morstad in his GREAT Theatre directing debut.  He has acted in many GREAT shows including Peter Pan, Ragtime and Sister Act.

Looking for an energetic group of children AND ADULTS to bring the heartwarming lessons from the Junie B. Jones book series to the stage! This time, Junie has to get to the bottom of the theft of her new mittens while also trying to win the affection of the handsome new boy in class. Fast-paced and wildly imaginative, get ready to play and have fun as we explore what it means to deal with love, loss, friendship, and learning, from the eyes of a spunky kindergarten student!

Rehearsals will be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings 6pm to 9pm with Saturday morning/afternoons as needed starting Sept. 11th, 2017.


List of characters: Auditions open to ages 8 and up!

Junie B. Jones - (age 8-12, able to play a little younger) Energetic and sassy, but genuine and friendly with a bright and imaginative personality.

Grace - (age 8-12, able to play a little younger) One of Junie's best friends, loves to show off her speed and athleticism, well-behaved and proper.

Lucille - (age 8-12, able to play a little younger) Junie's rich, beautiful, but rather spoiled best friend

Mrs. - (age range 20s-40s) Junie's kindergarten teacher, in charge of Room 9. Kind and warm, with a lot of patience.

Mother - (age range late 20s-early 40s) Junie's mother. Protective, but caring and wise.

Jim - (age 8-12, able to play a little younger) One of Junie's most hated rivals. Teases her a lot in class.

Handsome Warren - (age 8-12, able to play a little younger) The handsome new boy in class who catches the eye of Junie, Grace, and Lucille.

Ricardo - (age 8-12, able to play a little younger) Junie's current boyfriend.

Principal - (age range 30s-50s) The principal of Junie's school, very familiar with Junie, as she gets sent to his office with some frequency.

Grouchy Typing Lady - (age range 40s-60s) The principal's secretary. Junie is scared of her because she always seems grouchy.

Grampa Frank Miller - (age range 50s-60s) Junie's grandpa. Kind and warm, likes to pamper Junie.

...and more! A variety of other ensemble roles for a wide range of ages! Some roles may be double cast.