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The Reluctant Dragon

Auditions Saturday, May 13th 10:00am for "The Reluctant Dragon" at GREAT Studios in downtown St. Cloud - 919 West St. Germain Street on the 3rd floor. Please note location change!

Produced in partnership with District 742 Project Challenge. We are seeking 20+ adults with disabilities for these roles.

May  16-25 (performs Thursday evening)

Adapted by Kathryn Schultz Miller 
Produced through special permission with ArtReach Children’s Theatre Plays.

Performance Venue: TBD - check back for updates. 

THE RELUCTANT DRAGON - directed by Jeff Anderson -performed for all ages at GREAT World Headquarters Rehearsal Hall by adults with disabilities in partnership with District 742 and Project Challenge. In this version Kenneth Grahame's boy hero is young underdog Widget.  He and his sidekick Hairytoes overcome their the doubters and bullies and triumph as heroes!  Mortimer is lovable and very funny as he learns to become a real dragon.  Gentle as the original story, yet fast-paced and exciting teaches to never judge a book by its cover.

May 13th - Auditions 

May 16th - 6-8
May 17th - 6-8 
May 18th - 6-8
May 19th - 6-8
May 22nd - 6-8 
May 23rd - 6-8 
May 24th - 6-8 

May 25th - 7 show


Peter and the Starcatcher

Auditions Sunday, June 4th 6:00pm for "Peter and the Starcatcher"
This production will be seeking teens and adults.

Doodle Pequeno

Auditions Sunday, July 9th 6:00pm for "Doodle Pequeno" 
This production will be seeking youth and adult performers for this dramatic production.