Tony N' Tina's Wedding Audition Information

Ciao Auditioners!

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Tony N' Tina’s Wedding! We are looking for comedic actors and actresses 18+ to fill 24 character roles and travel back in time to the 1980’s! We are also casting 6 crew roles that will be part of the show. Tony & Tina’s wedding is not like a regular staged show where you go on stage, do your bit, and then get to go screw around in the green room. The screwing around happens on stage! There are no breaks, except for the bathroom and even that is done in character! This is an ensemble show.  You must be a team player. Everyone is “on stage” the entire time. You never know who is watching or listening so it is imperative that you stay in character.

These are big and bold characters. The Italian Familia would not be complete without lots of double cheek kissing, hugging, laughing, yelling, joking, eating.…you know, the usual. (I say this from experience)

Comedic timing, Physical Comedy, Improvisation Experience, Acting, Singing, Dance, playing an instrument, Italian/American accent and very loud speaking voice would be an asset but not all necessary. What is necessary is that you are able to listen, play, be courteous to your team, take a note when given, have a positive attitude, love to laugh and have fun!

But Heather, I want to audition but I’m afraid of improv, I’ve never done it before, I don’t know how… to that I say Basta! Audition anyway! You can’t be great if you don’t even try. You could be amazing and really enjoy it! This is a positive environment and we encourage you to take creative risks!

Before auditioning check your schedule. If you are cast you will be in for an intense 4.5 week rehearsal process. It is very important that all cast members are present for all rehearsals, especially because this is an improvisation focused show. We need all of the pieces there to put the puzzle together.



Prepare a funny personal story or a long form joke. Make it personal. Know the people in the story. Instead of saying, “There once was this guy from Nantucket”, you could say, “My cousin Gino from Nantucket.” Your story/joke must be at least 30 seconds but no more than 60 seconds.

The first time you present your story/joke will be as yourself, then we will play! Have fun!

* know your story/joke by heart. No papers please.
(wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you can move in)

Check back on March 6th to sign up for audition slot.  Looking forward to seeing you at auditions!

Heather (director)


Cast Commitment

Rehearsal Schedule:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 6:30pm-9:30pm, Saturdays 10-2

One of these rehearsals will be an outing in Character.

First rehearsal is Thursday March 23 at 6:30pm

Most rehearsals will take place at Great Theatre Headquarters 710 Sundial Drive
Waite Park, MN. Be flexible to go downtown to the Regency a couple of times.

Tech week will be at the Regency on West St Germain St, St Cloud - Monday April 24 to Wednesday April 26(dress rehearsal/preshow). Tech week is MANDATORY.

Performances: Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 6pm and Sundays 4pm for 3 weekends April 27 to May 14.

* Saturday May 13 is a special fundraiser performance held at The Grands at Mulligans in Sartell MN. There will be a rehearsal 10-4 on that day.

 *Crew Commitment: Thursday March 23, April 17 through to all performances

Character breakdowns

TONY: Groom, Italian/American, handsome, rowdy, charming, stressed about family drama, a nice guy, mid 20’s

TINA: Bride, Italian/American, party girl, headstrong, tough, pretty, Motto: Know what you want, know how to get it, look good getting it, has waited for this big moments since she was a little girl,  mid 20’s

BARRY: Best Man, everybody’s pal, in control, small time drug dealer, plays guitar and sings, slick, life of party, dating Connie, late 20’s

CONNIE: Maid of Honor, Italian/American, pregnant, jaded, independent, tough smart, dating Barry, late 20’s 

DOMINIC: Usher, Italian/American, party animal with a heart of gold, Nunzio Sr is like father to him, lives in the moment, likes to make deals selling things, dating Donna, has a thing for Terry, mid 20’s

DONNA: Bridesmaid, Italian/American, trashy, got looked over for star position of Maid of Honor. Needs to find a way to shin at the wedding, good rock singer, dating Dominic, jealous of attention Dom is giving Terry, mid 20’s

JOHNNY: Usher, Italian/American, Tony’s little brother,  a cute flirt, feels stuck in his life, trapped by father who is always putting him down, wants to get away,  20’s

MARINA: Bridesmaid, Italian/American, insecure tag along, the gang’s doormat, feels so in the “in” crowd by being a bridesmaid in Tina’s wedding, mid 20’s

JOSEPHINA VITALE: Tina’s Mom, Italian/American, strong willed, large in stature, controlling, martyr, Sings SANTA LUCIA, 45

LUIGI: Tina’s Great Uncle, Italian, old world gentleman,  wise, respected, speaks Italian (broken English), late 70’s (can be played by younger actor)

JOEY: Tina’s brother, Italian/American, gay, NOT flamboyant, dreamed of Broadway, singer/dancer, now directs and choreographs locally, keeps his lifestyle a secret from his mother, in a relationship with Rick, 30

RICK DEMARCO: Hired as the videographer, a cover so Joey can be close to him with out everyone know they are together. This is eating away at Rick. He is tired of the façade. 25+

SISTER ALBERT MARIA (AKA TERRY): Tina’s cousin, family odd ball, always admired Tina’s “coolness” that somehow she never possessed, lost virginity to Dom and went to be a nun, Sings well and teaches congregation a song, seeing Dom again awakens impure emotions, mid 20’s

TONY NUNZIO SR: Tony’s father, Italian/American, owns strip club, charismatic in a sleazy way, sees himself as King, brings girlfriend Maddie as date but is interested in Mrs. Vitale,  Not happy to see Tony escaping through marriage so he buys them a house to keep him close by, 50

MADELINE: Tony Sr.’s girlfriend, stripper, good looking, hard living, feels like she has found family with the Nunzios. Feels unwanted by the Vitales, scandalous dance at wedding,  25+ 

GRANDMA NUNZIO: Tony’s Grandma, Italian, matchmaker, spry, a little crazy, stuffs leftovers into purse, 70’s (can be played by younger actor)

MICHAEL JUST: Tina’s ex-boyfriend, just got out of rehab, a burnout, drinks too much at wedding and causes a scene, rips off shirt, late 20’s

FATHER MARK: priest, thinks he’s hip, loves bringing the community together, gives guidance, bit of a pushover, has been double booked today and is trying sneak out to perform a sick mass at the hospital, Mrs. Vitale, his top volunteer and Nunzio, his top check-writer, does not let this happen, ends up drinking too much, sings, 40+

SAL: Photographer, doesn’t like photography, doesn’t like people, pushy, eccentric, bored with his job, a gambling man, 40’s

VINNIE: Caterer, Italian/American, proud, amateur comedian, used car salesman type, gambling man, late 40’s

LORETTA: Vinnie’s wife, browbeaten by Vinnie, a little worn, orderly, holds the deed to Regency banquet hall, late 40’s

DONNY DULCE: Heartthrob DJ, Attractive, loves attention and the ladies, guys put up with him because their girlfriends like him, 35+

JOSIE: Tina’s Aunt, Italian/American, cynical, realistic, a planner, bitter, hound, wants to make sure she gets her money’s worth as she is paying for photographer and food, gets rowdy after a few drinks, something softens in her when she sees Nunzio Sr., 40+

ROSE: Tina’s Aunt, Italian/American, opposite of Josie, Big City Gal, free thinker, peace keeper, takes care of Uncle Lui, 40+

ADDITONAL CREW of 6 WEDDING STAFF: Must be in character for the entire show. Create your own character. Essential to the success of the show. Commitment: March 23, April 17 through to all performances.

*Note: Italian/American is all in the attitude, get those hands going. Accent would be bonus.