Thank you to the amazing 242 auditionees who came and tried out for our show!  We saw some fantastic talent!  

Cast Members – please note your first rehearsal and Cast/Parent Meeting will be Tuesday, November 19th at 6:00pm here at GREAT Studios.  

Because of the large cast (and limited space) we are asking that each cast member please bring only ONE parent or guardian with you to this first meeting.   Please come early to ensure getting parking and getting up to the third floor. 

The parent meeting will last from 6:00-7:00.  We will be handing out rehearsal schedules, scripts, music and you can order your show t-shirt (please bring checkbook.)  From 7-8:30 we will be doing a read through.  Munchkins and non-speaking roles are invited to stay, but are not required to.

If you are unable to accept your role please email

You will get a full schedule on Tuesday, but so you can plan ahead, the schedule for the week is:

Tuesday, Nov. 19th
6:00-7:00– ALL CAST and one parent/guardian
7:00-8:30 – Read-Through
Wednesday, Nov 20th
6:00-7:00 – Music – Dorothy and Glinda
7:00-8:00 – Music – Scarecrow and Crows
Thursday, Nov 21st
6:00-7:30 – Music – Ozians/Poppies/Winkies/Monkeys
7:30-8:30 – Music – Tinman and Trees
Saturday, Nov 23rd
10:00am-Noon – Choreography – Munchkins
10:00am – Noon–Block Scene 1 (Farmhouse), Sing–Off to see the Wizard

Dorothy – Rachel Christenson
Scarecrow – Howie Vreeland
Tinman – Luke Reber
Lion - Carter Hanes 

Glinda – Rebecca Kapsner
Wicked Witch – Heather Mastromarco
Wizard of Oz – Chad O'Brien
Aunt Em – Kelly Riess
Uncle Henry – Dan Metoyer

Crow/Ozian/Winkie – Will Johnson
Crow/Poppy/Monkey – Trent Ramert
Crow/Ozian/Winkie – Logan Salner

Tree/Ozian/Poppy – Aimee Josephs
Tree/Ozian/Poppy – Elizabeth Burch
Tree/Ozian/Poppy – Courtney Bokovoy

Oz Gatekeeper/Poppy – Shelby Desautel

Ozians/Poppies -
Jillian Lawson
Maria Beck
Laura Jansky
Maddie Peterson
Maija Eickhoff
Anya Overlien
Willow Flaherty
Jessica Scherer
Chad Holien
Benjamin Dahlager
Joshua Cash
Lucky Knamphengmuang

Jitterbugs/Ozians - 
Erin Symalla
Maria Reber
Kayley Isaacson
Mackenzie Krueger
Jenisa Cash
Brooklyn Madden

Jitterbug/Poppies –
Anna Granlund
Aryana Chelgren

Winkie General/Poppy – Marlowe Lexvold

Winkies/Munchkin Window Wavers -
Megan Mechelke
Matthew Burch
Jacob Wachtler
Jabreel Abdi
Quinne Ingemansen

Nikko/Ozian – Ellie Botz

Monkeys/Munchkin Singers -
Rebecca Metoyer
Jackson Kent
Alexis Handley 
Grace Radeke 
Shelby Rahm
Ellie Karasch

Mayor – Lillian Haltom
Coroner – Grace Andrews
Barrister – Jacob Beck
Munchkin 1 – Lainey Priglmeier
Munchkin 2 – Megan Mahowald

Lollypop Guild - 
Eli Budde
Elijah Preisler
Kallen Hanzsek-Brill

Lullaby -
Anika Preisler
Holly Lenarz
Ava Radeke

Brendan Engels
Cecelia Skog
Claire Lecy
Cole Chellgren
Jack Dahlager
Sarah Jansky
Vivian Tangen
Dru Holien
Jonathan Becker
Henley Jones
Jared Onofrey
Riley Hengel
Haskell Jones
Karl Lexvold
George Dahlager
Alaina Botz
Grace Kapsner
Autumn McBroom
Wynter Schiffler
Brenden Boesen
Ava Carlson
Elam Byrd
Emalyn Byrd
Aubrey Preisler
Julia Navratil
Connor Engels
Carleena Byrd
Elizabeth Hamak
Kirsten Arnold
Avery Threlkeld
Cooper Flaherty
Abigail Tangen
Sophia Moudry
Grace Moudry
Clara Schad
Penelope Carpenter
Lydia Dahlager
Genevieve Kapsner
Hannah Stellmach
Samuel O'Brien
Brent Iler
Abby Linder
Priya Nacey
Adelaide Miron
Hayden Lenarz
Nicholas Lalonde
Natalie Rahm

Please email or call GREAT at 320.258.2787 with any questions.

DIRECTOR: Chris Brown
MUSIC DIRECTOR: Scott Wachtler

DESCRIPTION: There’s no place like home. Little Dorothy Gale of Kansas, like so many girls her age, dreams of what lies over the rainbow. One day a twister hits her farm and carries her away over the rainbow to another world. Come join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Cowardly Lion and Toto as they travel the universe of Dorothy's imagination.  This popular musical includes the songs We’re Off To See The Wizard, Follow The Yellow Brick Road, and Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Rehearsals begin November 19th. Rehearsals will generally be held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 6:00-8:30pm and Saturdays 10:00am-3:00pm.  Not every actor will be called for every rehearsal. Please note conflicts on your audition form as we will work to create a rehearsal schedule around the conflicts of those whom we cast.  We will work around as many conflicts as we can.  Lots of conflicts will be a factor in casting. We will have limited rehearsals the week of Nov. 25-30 and Dec. 23-26.  Rehearsals will all take place at GREAT Studios, downtown St. Cloud.  We will begin technical rehearsals at the College of Saint Benedict on Sun. Jan. 5th.

THE WIZARD OF OZ has eight public peformances Jan. 10-19, Fridays at 7:00pm, Saturdays at 2:00pm & 7:00pm, Sundays at 2:00pm at the Escher Auditorium on the campus of the College of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph.

THE WIZARD OF OZ has six daytime performances on Jan. 14, 15 & 16 at 9:30am and Noon at the Escher Auditorium.


Dorothy Gale:  Soprano (Range G to C)  Young innocent girl with a tendency to find trouble.  Loves her family, friends, and her dog, Toto.  Sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “We’re Off to See the Wizard”, and “Jitterbug”. Anticipate casting someone between the age of 12 and 22

Zeke/Cowardly Lion:  Baritone/Tenor (Range B flat to F)  Farmhand and friend of Dorothy in Kansas who turns into Lion in Oz.  Sing “If I Only Had the Nerve”,  “ King of the Forenst”, “Jitterbug” and “We’re Off to See the Wizard”. Anticipate casting some age 16-30

Hickory/Tin Man:  Baritone/Tenor (Range B flat to G)  Farmhand and friend of Dorothy who turns into Tin Man in Oz.  Sings “If I Only Had a Heart”, “Jitterbug” and “We’re Off to See the Wizard”. Anticipate casting some age 16-30

Hunk/Scarecrow:  Baritone/Tenor (Range B flat to F sharp).  Farmhand and friend of Dorothy who turns into Scarecrow in Oz.  Sings “If I Only Had a Brain”, “Jitterbug”, and “We’re Off to See the Wizard”. Anticipate casting some age 16-30

Auntie Em:  Dorothy’s aunt who is hard working and sturdy.  She loves and cares a great deal about Dorothy.  Non-singing role. Anticipate casting someone age 40-70

Uncle Henry:  Dorothy’s uncle.  He is an honest and hardworking man who owns a small farm in Kansas.  He is kind and loves Dorothy.  Non-singing role. Anticipate casting someone age 40-70

Glinda:  Soprano (Range G to C)  The good witch.   She is beautiful and the protector of the Munchkins and Dorothy.  Sings in the “Munchkins Musical Sequence” and in the “Poppies Sequence.”  Anticipate casting someone age 20-70

Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz:  Friendly traveling salesman who convinces Dorothy to go back home to her family after she runs away.  Turns into the powerful ruler of the Emerald City.  Non-singing role. Anticipate casting someone age 40-70

Wicked Witch of the West/Miss Gulch:  The bad witch.  She is green and mean.  Dorothy’s enemy.  Non-singing role.  Anticipate casting someone age 20-70

The following are ensemble member and may be cast in multiple roles:

Ozians:  People who live in the Emerald City.  Sing “Merry Old Land of Oz.” Anticipate casting ages 12-24
     -Beauticians:  Make over Dorothy after her travels to Oz 
     -Polishers:  Clean up the Tin Man after his travels to Oz 
     -Manicurists:  Clean up the Lion after his travels to Oz

Winkies:  Guards of the Witch’s castle.  Sing “The Winkies’ March” Anticipate casting ages 12-24

Winkie General:  Leader of the Winkies.  Sings “The Winkies’ March” Anticipate casting ages 12-24

Nikko:  Monkey Leader.  Wicked Witch’s right hand simian.  Non-singing role. Anticipate casting ages 12-24

Winged Monkeys:  Minions of the Wicked Witch.  Non-sing roles. Anticipate casting ages 12-24

Jitterbugs:  Dancers. Sing “The Jitterbug”. Anticipate casting ages 12-24

Munchkins:  The small people who inhabit Munchkinland.  Sing “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead” and “Munchkinland Sequence” and “Yellow Brick Road”.

The following Munchkins with speaking or solo lines will be chorus of Munchkins. Casting ages six and up, 4’6” and under in height

     -Mayor:  Solo lines in “Munchkinland Sequence” and “Yellow Brick Road” 
     -Coronor:  Solo lines in “Munchkinland Sequence”  and “Yellow Brick Road” 
     -Fiddler Solo lines in “Yellow Brick Road” 
     -Braggart:  Line in “Munchkinland Sequence” 
     -Barrister:  Solo lines in “Munchkinland Sequence” 
     -The Lullaby League:  3 girl Munchkins in the “Munchkinland Musical Sequence” 
     -The Lollipop League:  3 boy Munchkins in the “Munchkinland Musical Sequence” 
     -City Fathers:  Solo/Trio lines in “Munchkinland Sequence”

Crows:  In Scarecrow scene.  Must be able to sing and harmonize in “If I Only Had a Brain”.  Also have some lines of dialogue in the same scene. Anticipate casting ages 12-24

Trees:  In the Tin Man Scene.  They are not happy when Dorothy picks their apples.  Has lines of dialogue in the scene. Anticipate casting ages 12-24

Guard of Oz:  He guards the entrance to Oz.  Sings “Merry Old Land of Oz” (Range B Flat to E flat)  Could be doubled with Uncle Henry. Open to any age

Please email with any questions.  Thanks and “Break A Leg!”