One of our six core values at GREAT Theatre is to build life skills through quality arts education. Kendra, our resident Education Director, helps us do just that.

In this role, Kendra helps oversee educational programming, organizes school partnerships, maintains community relationships like those with United Way and the Boys and Girls Club, organizes the school matinee shows; offering ticket options, busses, creates opportunities for adult education through programming… and more. Yes, that’s just SOME of what Kendra does. In a nutshell, she helps us make sure that education is woven in each show, program, and effort we embark on.

If you’re wondering how exactly Kendra helps tie educational experiences with each show, our recent performance of Akeelah and the Bee is a great example. She worked with area schools to give their student spelling bee winners and parents tickets to the show.

“This is a really important story for students to see and hear. One exciting thing we did for ‘Akeelah and the Bee’ was to organize a special preview + bussing transportation for the Boys & Girls Club, thanks to funding from a Central MN community foundation grant.”

Kendra also orchestrates MORE THAN 75 camps for kids in the Summer- which we just announced! Kendra was a Theatre teacher for Middle and High school-age kids for years. She has her Bachelor’s degree in English & Theatre Education and her Master’s degree in Theatre Studies … I mean, is she not PERFECT for this job? It’s no wonder she’s amazing at what she does!

From Chicago, moving to Wisconsin, Missouri, and a few midwest states in between, Kendra moved to central Minnesota about two years ago. She was connected with our organization, and soon everything fell into place, and we’re so very grateful to have her.

“Opportunities to learn in theatre come in so many ways… learning isn’t just for a classroom. The arts bring the opportunity to learn about a different place and time, other cultures, historic and artistic people and places … it goes on and on. Theatre is a different way to learn about our world. Education isn’t a separate piece, and I help make sure it’s part of the puzzle at GREAT Theatre.”

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