July 22 & 23

Audition sign ups will be posted 2 weeks before auditions

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for a GREAT show! If you’ve auditioned for us before, welcome back! If this is your first time auditioning at GREAT, we’re thrilled to have you! We are in our 27th season and are excited to add new people, new talent, and new voices to our company as well as welcome returning volunteers to our stages! Whether you’re a seasoned performer or you’ve never been on stage before, we encourage you to audition!



Back for its sixth year, the Youth Artist Project provides an opportunity for youth performers to shine onstage! Open to volunteers ages 8-17, this all-youth cast—under the leadership of a team of high school artists—has the opportunity to share the delightful adventures of Winnie the Pooh and friends  with preschool and elementary-aged audiences. This production provides a wonderful opportunity for a first audition or onstage experience OR returning youth actor. The after school rehearsal period is convenient with a 4-6pm timeframe and tech is over by 7:30pm (so no super late nights!), and the joy of performing for full houses of student matinee audiences is a delightfully memorable experience! 



Audition Sign Up: Link to sign up for a spot will be posted July 3rd

Auditions: Monday, July 22nd (3-6pm) and Tuesday, July 23rd (3-6pm) at Helgeson Learning Lab Theatre

Cast Meeting: Monday, August 12th (4-4:30pm with rehearsal after)

Rehearsals: Every Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday (4-6pm) starting on August 12th. Please note that not everyone is called for every rehearsal.

Tech/Dress Rehearsals: September 30th- October 3rd (4pm-7pm)


  • Friday, October 4 from 8:30a-10:30a (9:30a Student Matinee)
  • Friday, October 4 from 10:00a-12:00p (11:00a Student Matinee)
  • Saturday, October 5 from 8:30a -11:00a (10:00a Performance)
  • Sunday, October 6 from 12:30p – 3:00p (2:00p Performance)
  • Sunday, October 6 from 2:30p-5:00p (4:00p Performance)
  • Tuesday, October 8 from 8:00a-11:00a (9:30a Student Matinee)
  • Tuesday, October 8 from 9:30a-12:00p (11:00a Student Matinee)
  • Thursday, October 10 at 8:00a-11:00a (9:30a Student Matinee)
  • Thursday, October 10 from 9:30a-12:00p (11:00a Student Matinee)
  • Friday, October 11 from 4:30p-7:00p (6:00p Performance)
  • Saturday, October 12 from 8:30a -11:00a (10:00a Performance)
  • Sunday, October 13 at 12:30p – 3:00p (2:00p Performance)



Character breakdown, what to prepare for auditions, and the link to sign up will be posted July 3rd. 



Director Mentor: Aimee Miron
Choreography Mentor: Heather Mastromarco
Music Director Mentor: Garrett Lathe
Scenic Designer Mentor: Mark Hennigs
Costume Designer Mentor: Risa Alecci
Lighting Designer Mentor: Mark Hennigs
Sound Designer Mentor: Steven Sanders
Prop Designer Mentor: Risa Alecci
Stage Manager: Clare Lamb

Calendar for Audition for Winnie the Pooh KIDS

  • 3:00pm CDT
  • 3:00pm CDT