VIDEO DUE: JULY 28 at 7pm

From the Director: The Laramie Project is a docudrama. Every word in this play was recorded verbatim and then later organized/edited into the final script. As such we are performing the play as written. This means there are characters who use choice language ranging from h-e double hockey sticks to a bundle of sticks. You can select out of being considered for one of these roles if you so wish. Furthermore, this is a play about a town’s reaction to a hate crime against a young gay man in 1998. That can be a lot for some, depending on where they are at in life. Please be aware of your own emotional limitations when auditioning for this play. Actors will be asked to connect with the material of the play in an intimate and honest way. This is an emotional risk you should consider if you are auditioning. Please be aware that in a time such as now, we might be fuller emotionally than we are normally; it’s okay to be full.


  • Audition videos due by Tuesday, July 28th at 7:00pm
  • Virtual call-backs will then be held Thursday, July 30th at 7:00pm.
  • Rehearsals (including Tech Rehearsals) will take place Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. This schedule is designed to help ensure we have the time be be healthy during the production process.
  • Performances: We will have four public performances that will have a small in person (masked audience) and it will be live streamed Sept. 25, 26, October 2 & 3 (unless dates need to change due to safety or health requirement.)



  • Safety: Please view our Healthy & Safety Guidelines for current safety requirements that everyone auditioning must accept to ensure safety for all.
  • Please prepare and record two contemporary monologues via video. Please choose at least one of the monologues we provide (The Laramie Project Audition Monologue List) and the second can also be from the show or of your own choosing.  Don’t worry about video quality- focus on volume, diction and strong storytelling. Each monologue should be 30 seconds to 1 minute in length. Begin the video by stating your name and which monologues you will be performing. The video should be free of editing/cuts and not exceed 2 minutes 30 seconds in length. Send video link or attachment to; I will reply confirming it’s been received. 
  • All actors being considered for a role will be invited to an in virtual Callback audition where they may be asked to perform scenes from the show.  

Lastly, we want be very careful as we begin learning how to produce live theater during COVID 19. GREAT is following CDC and state health guidelines. We have the safety of our community as our top priority and we’ve created robust guidelines to help us through this time. Whether as a part of those guidelines or as the result of unforeseen circumstances, things could change. We will be doing everything in our part to effectively communicate changes and important news and we ask that those auditioning be understanding of this. This project will help us learn how to be safe producing theater during this pandemic. The name of the game is flexibility.

We are seeking actors of all ages (18+), genders, sexualities, races, and religions.

Please reach out with any and all questions you have.  Thank you.