Jan 27 - Feb 12, 2023

Based on the Disney Channel original movie, this brand new musical is packed with comedy, adventure, and catchy upbeat music.

Based on the Disney Channel original movie, the princes, princesses, and heroes you know and love live happily in the Kingdom of Auradon. Meanwhile, the iconic villains are banished to the wretched Isle of the Lost. When the children of Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Jafar, and the Evil Queen are invited to attend Auradon Prep School, this next generation of villains must decide whether to walk in their parents’ wicked footsteps or redefine their legacies.

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Elaina Waggoner – Mal
Madison Franzmeier – Evie
Elam Byrd – Jay
Derek Bryant – Carlos
Patricia Soltis – Maleficent
Aryana Schneider – Grimhilde
Mark Brennan – Jafar
Kristi Bryant – Cruella de Vil
Henry Moore – Ben
Nicholas Benner – King Beast/Coach/Ensemble
Maria Warhol – Queen Belle/Ensemble
Jessica Scherer – Fairy Godmother
Carleena Byrd – Jane
Max Vetter – Chad
Lilly Seamans – Audrey
Ethan Stoeckel – Doug
Ross Seamans – Royal Page/Ensemble
Lee Rone – Royal Guard/Ensemble
Adam Pesch – Maurice
Grace Lindell – Snow White/Ensemble
Andru Thornton – Ensemble
Aric Moriak – Ensemble
Alexander Buhl – Ensemble
JaeLyn Williams – Ensemble
Kennedy Riffe – Ensemble
Riley Brookshire – Ensemble
Paisley Watson – Ensemble
Ivanna Torres Segura – Ensemble
Hope Aronson – Ensemble
Luci Novak – Ensemble

Production Team

Director: Jeff Anderson
Choreographer: Krysti Wiita
Assistant Choreographer: Nickie Kromminga Hill
Music Director: Hillary Vermillion
Scenic Designer: Kim Lartz
Costume Designer: Jessica Mancini
Light Designer: Grant Merges
Props Master: Bonnie Bologna
Sound Designer: Steve Sanders