November 5

GREAT and KVSC’s annual radio play returns with the glamour and glitz of Gatsby. Sit in the live audience or tune into 88.1FM on November 5th to hear the whole thing!

This radio play tells the classic Jazz Age story of Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire, and his pursuit of Daisy Buchanan, the love of his life… An ensemble brings more than two dozen characters from the novel to the stage of the Helgeson Learning Lab and the radio waves of KVSC 88.1FM for a live broadcast, punctuated by 40s-era commercials. A story of triumph and tragedy that reflects the decadence of the Jazz Age and the perils of the American Dream.

Tickets on sale OCT 3!
All tickets $10 | General Admission


Nick Carraway – Gabriel Ryland
Nick’s Father – Mitchell Schulte
Tom Buchanan – Timothy Vedder
Daisy Buchanan – Jennifer Schroeder
Jordan Baker – Katie Hultquist
Buchanan’s Maid – Rebekah Phifer
George Wilson – Joshua Snead
Myrtle Wilson – Rebekah Phifer
Train Conductor – Joshua Snead
Catherine – Hannah Bierbaum
Partygoer 1 – Cait Prigge
Partygoer 2 – Rebekah Phifer
Owl Eyes – Joshua Snead
Jay Gatsby – Noah Hubbard
Gatsby’s Butler – Jim Barkley
Policeman – Daniel Schmitz
Meyer Wolfsheim – Mitchell Schulte
Ewing Klipspringer – Daniel Schmitz
Michaelis – Mitchell Schulte
Well-dressed Woman – Katie Hultquist
Gatsby’s Gardener – Joshua Snead
Henry C. Gatz – Jim Barkley
Actor 1: Freddie Fillmore –  Jim Barkley
Actor 2: Jake Laurents –  Mitchell Schulte
Actor 3: Tony Hunter – Daniel Schmitz
Actor 4: Sally Applewood – Hannah Bierbaum
Actor 5: Lana Sherwood – Cait Prigge
Jingle Singer – Mitchell Schulte, Daniel Schmitz