July 12-16

Monday-Friday | 9:00am-11:00am


To make sure that every student has access to the transformative power of theatre camp, we offer pick-your-price registrations available to each and every familySimply complete the request form. You’ll be asked to indicate your top three camp choices (specific camp, week, and location) as well as the amount you plan to pay towards the registration fee. Recipients make some payment towards the class, but the amount is up to the individual family. We will process your request and you’ll receive a confirmation of your registration along with a link to make your payment online. Register now. Pay later!


Join our friend Llama Llama as we bring our favorite tales to life through stories, songs, dance, and games.

Skills Focus: imagination, teamwork, social skills, listening skills

Features: costume craft, free ticketed in-person Friday sharing for family

Camp Size: If capacity limits increase, no more than 15 student spots will be available