“GREAT changed my life as a kid and helped shape me into the person I am today. I want that to continue for future generations.” 

Jack Hein’s journey with GREAT started with summer theatre camps in 2001 where he discovered a place of self-exploration and escapism from the world. Over the next 13 years, participated in 20 shows!

My favorite was West Side Story in 2012 – that was my best experience. My memories are about how it was really a community-based space which is so awesome. I remember being in the studio working on the material, having important conversations that are still so relevant today. Some conversations were hard to have and really eye-opening; they were conversations that I wasn’t having in other places. I was grateful to have that opportunity to explore that in such a safe space.” 


Jack’s parents, Tom and Barbara, have also been very involved and loyal supporters with what they call “years of ‘GREAT’ experiences for our whole family!” Both Jack and his parents recently donated to the GREATer Together Challenge Match.

“Theatre is a space that allows you to explore yourself and escape; we all need that in 2020.  And in the years to come we will continue to need a space to take a step away from the world and step into a magical space of theatre.” 

Without you the summer camps and programs that thousands of children participate in each year could disappear. If you have ever considered donating to GREAT Theatre, now is the time. Every gift will be matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR!