When I’m in shows with kids and teens, I always find inspiration for myself seeing them trying, doing, and achieving things I couldn’t even imagine myself doing when I was their age”

If you’ve already seen Disney’s Descendants, you’ve seen Maria Warhol as Queen Belle, ruling over Auradon! Maria decided to audition for Descendants because she wanted to work with a cast that varied in age from teen to adult after working on several adult shows in a row. “There’s always a great energy at rehearsal with a younger cast. They always seem to be so excited to be there with everyone, even after being at school all day.”

When Maria was in school, she wondered whether she wanted to pursue theatre as a career, or if that would take the joy out of it. It was through community theatre that she saw adults with all types of careers on the stage, performing and having fun. “Community theatre showed me that I didn’t have to choose between theatre and doing something else that could also be fulfilling.”

Maria is an attorney, and often feels the pressure of her job. Performing has been a way for Maria to de-stress, and connect with others to create something joyful. But theatre isn’t just for de-stressing– it also sharpens many of the skills Maria uses at work every day!

The skills I need in the courtroom overlap a lot with things I learned, and continue to learn, through theatre. It’s helped me be comfortable in front of a group of strangers in terms of public speaking. Theatre has also taught me to be good at thinking on my feet when unexpected things come up, and that is an essential part of my job.”

Maria and the rest of the cast of Disney’s Descendants have just two more weekends of performances at the Paramount Center for the Arts!

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