Stay-at-home Mom of five boys, full-time student, Actress. That’s Nelia!

“I’ve been in several local productions, but this is my first GREAT Theatre show! My friends pushed me to try out. Knowing a few of them were going to audition for the show, helped too. That – and I’ve always loved Alice in Wonderland.

My oldest son is my partner in crime for learning my parts. He reads the scripts and the other characters’ parts so I can get my lines down. My boys all help me prep for auditions; they give me feedback on how I should say lines, what to do, what they like and don’t like … it’s a team effort!

I love doing it with them, but my favorite part is when the boys’ friends come over and laugh watching us and want to join in the fun and learn parts of the plays, too.

My favorite moment of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is probably the chase scene and when we play croquet … they’re just so funny and it really makes you feel like you’re in another place … in Wonderland!”