November 20, 2019

“I’m in 5th grade at Sartell Middle School … I’ve done a few GREAT Theatre camps, but this is my first big production! It’s been SO fun.”

Cadence plays the role of the Octopus in our production of The Rainbow Fish! In her free time, Cadence enjoys being outdoors, singing karaoke with her mom and says she really “just loves school, too.” So, how did this 11-year-old find her way to the stage?

“I love singing, dancing and acting! I recently wrote my own play script and wrote my mother a note and left it on the counter and told her to read it once I’m sleeping… it read ‘Mom, can I look into acting?’ and within days my mom surprised me with the audition to Rainbow Fish! I am excited and thankful for my mother and GREAT Theatre.

My favorite part of The Rainbow Fish is singing my solo; I’ve never had a vocal solo before. I was intimidated by it at first, but I focused on getting it memorized and learning the song and now I’ve got it down.

I’ll definitely be doing more GREAT Theatre shows! If anyone else out there is interested, I’d tell them to try a camp or two, starting singing and dancing at home, or pick a show they want to be part of. It’s the best!”