A Year with Frog and Toad was our fifth annual Youth Artist Project. From the three years old in the audience with teachers or grandparents, to the high school students that directed and designed the show, to the actors on stage, it brought joy and self-discovery to many.

My five-year-old is still processing what she saw, and has had myself (mom), her dad, and her grandma read her the bios of the cast members multiple times. She specifically wants to know the role played and their interests. I know I’ve read it through at least 4 times to her. I think she’s amazed that this is something kids can do, and that each kid has their own interesting life, and this is all a possibility for her, too.”

“I have learned so much throughout this process. I’ve learned that I have the ability to impact the lives of these kids, and that they have the ability to impact mine. I have also grown in my ability to think on my feet, work with a team, and overall just learned what it means to be a choreographer (extra thanks to my wonderful mentor).”
– Elaina, Choreographer

“The short show length and full cast of kids is such a cool way to help ease my young son (who dislikes outings and loud noises most of the time) to live theatre. He loved it!”

“I brought my 90 year old mom, 30 year old daughter and her husband and my 3 yr old granddaughter. They drove up from the cities for us to attend. All of us had a great time. My granddaughter yelled yaah, do it again after the first song!”