Live theatre is back!

Ah, to be back on the Paramount stage! This is an incredible venue with so many stories. The walls, if they began talking, could never tell them all because we keep feeding them new tales…

I adore the Paramount and am happy to be back with a show that I have always loved: Little Shop of Horrors. It has comedy! Fantasy! A love story! And a little bit of humanity that all of us can fess up to — the process of justifying small questionable actions by relabeling them as acts of love or a necessary means to an end. Sort of like bribing your toddler with a snack at the store or ignoring a small toothache by chewing on the other side of your mouth, sometimes make choices that seem innocent enough short term but end up planting the seeds of unsustainable coping methods that grow into bad habits long term. (And in some cases, lead to a purse full of treats and a toddler full of sugar every time he leaves the house… but I digress).

You can clearly tell by now that I like to draw parallels – well, what better way to think of that habit we should break than to analogize it with a giant blood thirsty plant that will eventually come for you too?!? Stop feeding it! (See? There’s a life lesson at the root of every story. Even the ridiculous ones.)

Ok, bad puns aside, I’ll leaf you with this: Thank you for being here and for letting GREAT Theatre’s stories be a part of your life’s tapestry. Enjoy the show!

Cassie Miles
Board President, GREAT Theatre

Who knew success could come with nasty messy strings? – Seymour, Little Shop of Horrors

When developing the vision and concept for this show it was important to me to find a personal way in. Little Shop of Horrors is iconic to say the least, with beloved songs and characters that have garnered a cult following. I knew right away I wanted to breathe new life into this show because I believe that is what the theatre world needs. So, I read the script like a new work to find a story I could get behind. It read to me very dark and moving. It reminded me of Faustian legend, where a man sells his soul out to the Devil in exchange for fortune. I saw the environment surrounding these characters as reminiscent of my time living in Chicago and Seattle. This production explores the deep underbelly of the show’s dark humor and the action that occurs and presents it simply and honestly.

What does Audrey II represent? This is a question I’ve asked myself a lot in this process and one that is up for interpretation. I invite you to also ponder this. Without a doubt the forces of this seemingly innocent plant are strong. Humans are subject to temptation each and every day. It was important to me that Audrey II’s growth drives the transformation of this show and overtakes the inhabitants of Skid Row.

If anything, a lot of the themes of this show harken to the illusion of the American dream. What was it all for when you finally get what you’ve always desired? What did you lose in the process? What did you gain?

Humanity is messy and I really wanted to push the idea that the characters in this show are not just mere caricatures, nor are they all good or all bad. Seymour is layers beyond just a “nerdy clerk”, and Audrey is deeper and stronger than her poor circumstances suggest. The heart cry of this show I believe happens during Skid Row, when Seymour sings “Someone show me a way to get out of here”. This resonates when we consider our current circumstances: civil strife, a pandemic, and economic collapse. These are national issues we are all navigating and I’m confident at some point we have asked that very same thing that Seymour does: “Show me how and I will, I’ll get out of here.”

My hope is that you come away from show with an image you can personally connect to—be it the way a character goes about the world, or a simple set piece that reminds you of a city you’ve visited.

I challenge you too, dear audience member, as I did when I first read this show, to watch this production with fresh eyes. I think you will be amazed by what you will take away.

Nastacia Guimont
Director of Little Shop of Horrors


Corporate Support for Little Shop of Horrors comes from:

Little Shop of Horrors

Books and Lyrics by
Howard Ashman

Music by
Alan Menken

Little Shop of Horrors was originally directed by Howard Ashman with musical staging by Edie Cowan.

Based on the film by Roger Corman, Screenplay by Charles Griffith. Originally produced by the WPA Theatre (Kyle Renick, Producing Director).

Originally produced at the Orpheum Theatre, New York City by the WPA Theatre, David Geffen, Cameron Mackintosh and the Shubert Organization.


Little Shop of Horrors is a screamingly funny, gleefully twisted, out-of-this-world hit musical! Originally released for film in 1960, this cult classic debuted live on stage in 1982 and was then most famously reimagined for the silver screen in 1986, starring Rick Moranis.

Seymour is a nerdy floral clerk with a knack for plants, but not much else. However, one peculiar plant he’s tending might just be his ticket to fame, fortune – and the girl of his dreams. There’s only one teeny, but GROWING, problem: This plant has an unquenchable thirst for the red stuff (type O, A, or B… he’s not picky)!

This production is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes long with a 20 minute intermission.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This show contains blood and gore, adult language, violence, sexual references, and crude humor.

Character List

Jacob Beckius – Orin, Mrs. Luce Bernstein, Skip Snip, Patrick Martin, Wino
Rick Cicharz – Mr. Mushnik
Ashleigh Cola – Chiffon
Kylee Crews – Ronnette
Otto Klemp – Seymour
Mackenzie Krueger – Audrey
Luis Maldonado – Audrey II
Jay Ramos* – Voice of Audrey II, Wino, Customer
Mitchell Schulte** – Voice of Audrey II, Wino, Customer
Lily Truebenbach – Crystal


Sean Jacobson – Piano
Jake Hagedorn – Guitar
John Tetrault – Bass
Buddy King – Drums


Alyssa Euteneuer – Wardrobe Crew
Marc Hargraves – Stage/Props Crew
Ross Harris – Fly Rail/Stage Crew
Tiffany Lambert – Props Crew
Alvina Lieser – Wardrobe Crew
Issy Lieser – Follow Spot Operator
Julie Ann Ripp – Light Board Operator
Anthony Shrock – Follow Spot Operator
Hillary Vermillion – QLab Operator
Summer Welch – Wardrobe Crew

*Jay Ramos will perform September 17th through 19th
**Mitchell Schulte will perform September 10th through 11th


Jacob Beckius

Jacob Beckius

Volunteer Actor

Jacob Beckius is employed at Viking Coca-Cola, and has been in many shows, such as Rocky Horror Picture Show and with GREAT Theatre, Chicago and Little Shop of Horrors. For fun, Jacob likes cooking, video games, biking, and constructing Legos.

Rick Cicharz

Rick Cicharz

Volunteer Actor

Rick is a retired middle school teacher. He taught and directed at Sartell Schools for over 25 years. Rick has been in many GREAT productions including Westside Story, Annie, Tarzan, The Laramie Project, and many more. He has also directed GREAT’s productions of Les Miserables and Ragtime. Rick also enjoys fishing, traveling, and gardening.

Ashleigh Cola

Ashleigh Cola

Volunteer Actor

Ashleigh is employed with Procoore Technologies. She enjoys musical theatre, food, and antiques. Little Shop of Horrors is Ashleigh’s GREAT debut!

Kylee Crews

Kylee Crews

Volunteer Actor

Kylee Crews (Tina, Ensemble) is an Honors student at St. Cloud State University, double majoring in Spanish and Early Childhood Education. She has been in GREAT productions of Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, and Legally Blonde. For fun, Kylee likes to read and cross-stitch.

Otto Klemp

Otto Klemp

Volunteer Actor

Otto Klemp works as a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks, and plans on attending Webster University’s Performing Arts Conservatory for his BFA in Musical Theatre. In his spare time, Otto enjoys skydiving and rock-climbing. He has been in Little Shop of Horrors, The Sound of Music, and Mamma Mia!

Mackenzie Krueger

Mackenzie Krueger

Volunteer Actor

Mackenzie Krueger is a server at Granite City and enjoys weight training, animals, Tik Tok, and friends! She has been in a great deal of shows, including GREAT productions of Shrek, Sister Act, and most recently, Little Shop of Horrors. Mackenzie is thrilled to put her Musical Theatre major to work in productions like Matilda now that theatres are returning to in-person performances!

Luis Maldonado

Luis Maldonado

Volunteer Actor

Luis Maldonado is an Electrical and Controls Engineer at Central McGowan. He enjoys community theater, watching movies, listening to all kinds of music, video games, and building halloween animatronics. Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express has been an opportunity for Luis to hone his vocal skills in the form of accents! He has appeared in numerous GREAT productions including The Wiz, Guys and Dollz, and Into The Woods.

Jay Ramos

Jay Ramos

Volunteer Actor

Jay Ramos is a self-employed attorney. He enjoys hanging out with his family, performing, and traveling. Jay has been been involved in theatre for 35 years! He has appeared in GREAT’s productions of Aladdin, A Christmas Carol, Sasparella Trauffea is Dancing!, and Sherlock Holmes as well as many other community and professional theater productions throughout southern and central Minnesota.

Mitchelle Schulte

Mitchelle Schulte

Volunteer Actor

Mitchell works with Carl Zeiss Vision and enjoys writing, singing, spending time with his children, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Mitchell has appeared in Fiddler on the Roof and is excited for his GREAT Debut with Little Shop of Horrors!

Lily Truebenbach

Lily Truebenbach

Volunteer Actor

Lily is a dance instructor at the Northern Starz Center for the Performing arts as well as a student at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. In her free time, Lily enjoys dancing, singing, acting, writing songs, listening to music, going for walks, and cooking. She has been in many shows including Midsummer Nights Dream, Cats, Shrek the Musical and more! Lily also starred as Velma Kelly in GREAT’s producing of Chicago.

Act I

Prologue………………………………………………………. Orchestra
Little Shop of Horrors……………………………. Urchins (Crystal, Ronnette, Chiffon)
Skid Row……………………………………………………….. Urchins, Seymour, Audrey, Mushnik, Winos
Da Doo…………………………………………………………… Urchins, Seymour
Grow for Me…………………………………………………. Seymour
WSKID Radio Jingle……………………………….. Ensemble
You Never Know……………………………………….. Mushnik, Seymour, Urchins
Somewhere That’s Green……………………. Audrey
Closed for Renovation…………………………… Seymour, Audrey, Mushnik
Be a Dentist…………………………………………………. Orin, Urchins
Mushnik and Son……………………………………… Mushnik, Seymour
Sudden Changes………………………………………. Seymour
Git It…………………………………………………………………… Audrey II, Seymour, Urchins
Now (It’s a Gas)……………………………………………. Seymour, Orin
Act 1 Finale …………………………………………………… Urchins, Audrey II, Seymour


Act II

Entr’acte…………………………………………………………… Orchestra
Call Back in the Morning …………………….. Seymour, Audrey
Suddenly Seymour…………………………………… Seymour, Audrey, Urchins
Suppertime…………………………………………………… Mushnik, Seymour, Audrey II, Urchins
The Meek Shall Inherit……………………………. Orin, Seymour, Urchins
Sominex/Suppertime Reprise……………. Audrey, Audrey II, Seymour
Somewhere That’s Green Reprise……. Audrey, Seymour
Death of Audrey………………………………………….. Urchins
Finale………………………………………………………………….. Ensemble

Production Team

Nastacia Guimont – Director
Hillary Vermillion – Music Director
Desireé Clark – Choreographer
Katie Bruender – Assistant Choreographer
Rich Kimmerle – Scenic Designer & Assistant Technical Director
Colin Jarrell – Technical Director
Bonnie Bologna – Prop Designer
Aaron Porter – Co-Lighting Designer
Matthew Morris – Co-Lighting Designer
Ricky German – Costume Designer
Edith Moreno – Costumer
Jessica Mancini – Costume Shop Manager
Steve Sanders – Sound Designer
Matthew McAvene – Puppet Designer
Nick Loweree – Production Stage Manager
Caelin Clark – Assistant Stage Manager


In addition to our corporate sponsors, donors, and volunteers, we wish to extend a special thank you to Northway Dental Associates and Joseph Bologna.

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Central MN Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

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Prochnow, Bob & Joanne

Proell, Mary

Proviant – Barclay & Janet Carriar *

Pryately, Marge *

Quick, Mary

Radeke, Katie & Paul *°

Radtke, Jenna

Rahm, Lisa & Scott *

Rajala, Nikki

Ramler, Nancy *

Rasmussen, Chris

Reagan, Janet & Michael *

Reber, Anita & Steve

Reck, Jerry & Jane

Refine Dermatique Aesthetic Center – LaBine, Barry & Leslie *

Reid, Carol & Sherwood *

Reid, Denise & Keith

Reigstad, Greg & Janet

Reisinger, Elizabeth & Eric *

Reisinger, John & Kathy

Reiter, Jessica & Wayne

Reker, Jennifer & Kevin

Rethmeier, Dan & Mary *

Reuter, Bernice & Nicholas *

Reuter, Bret & Nicole

Reuter, Nathan & Val *

Ries, Teresa & Takala, Ted *

Riesner, Ann, Shawn & Bryce *

Riser, Virginia *

Ritter, Debra *

Rivera-Reyes, Yadaira & Yenéslie °

Robak, Trista *

Robatcek, Debra

Roehl, Rosemary & Frank

Roelofs, Debra

Rogan, Jacqueline *

Romanowsky, Ann & Dr. James *

Romosz, Becky

Ross, Roseanna *

Rothstein, Erich & Jessica *

Rotto, Judy & Luther *

Rud, Amber & Ricky

Rudningen, Lyle & Janelle

Ruegemer, Diane & Dick *

Ruis, Jon & Joy

Russell, Lorea

Ruzanic, Rachel & Ted

Salner, Annie & Ryan *°

Sandbur Acres

Sanderson, Marc & Marie *

Schad, Alex & Katie *

Schaefer, Jennifer & Scott

Schaefer, Victoria

Scharf, Lisa & Ted

Scharnweber, Amber

Schelske, Patsy R. *

Scheuerell, Bob & Judy

Schiffler, Bernie & Dennis *

Schindele Paulzine, Dana

Schirmers, James & Lacey *°

Schleif, Keryn & Thomas

Schlenner Wenner & Co., CPA’s *

Schlough, Joyce & Tom *

Schmid, Judith

Schmidt, Chris & Melanie *

Schmitz, James

Schneider, Abby & Craig °

Schneider, Alice Marie

Schoenfelder, Jackie & Ron *

Schoenherr, Laura

Schoenleben, Barbie & Jeff

Schroeder, Jennifer

Schroeder, Rebecca & Todd *

Schulte, Rose

Schumacher, Greg & Stacy

Schumacher, Sarah

Seaborn, Cristina & Walter, Rick

Seamans, Kyle & Megan *

Segura Schwartz, Mónica & Troy *

Severson, Carol & Doug

Shaughnessy, Shannon & Kosel, Dave*

Shea, Trina *

Shelander, Diane

Shobe, Joel & Susan *

Sidmore, Amy & Nohner, Julie

Siemens, Molly & Ryan

Simmons, James, Michelle, Ella, Molly & Autumn *°

Simonson, Lynn

Sinclair, Jan & Ken

Skeate, Char & Gary *°

Skoe, Anne & Steve

Smetana, Tracy

Smith, Brenda

Snider, Nicole & Gerald

Solheim, Dave & Jean *

Soltau, Christine, Danny & Jada *

Sommerfeld, Jeffrey P. & Dr. Lori

Sorell, Jan *

Spah, Adam & Brittany

Spanier, Maureen *

St. Cloud Area Sertoma Club *

St. Cloud Optimist Club *

St. Cloud Reading Room Society

Staneart, Timothy *


Stark Engineering *

Stark, Charles

Statz, Angel

Stavrum, Dick & Perian *

Steffes, Melissa

Stegman, Brian & Tanya *

Stellmach, Jan

Steman, Suzanne & Tom

Stenberg, Paul & Amanda*

Stenger, Chuck *

Stephens, Charlotte *

Steve & Peggy Laraway Family Fund *

Stewart, Elizabeth

Stewart, Kris *

Stoeckel, Julie & Micah *

Stoering, Anita & Tyler

Stoermann, Joanne

Stone, Linda

Stracke, Ed, Kris & Family

Strandemo, Barb & Gary

Stupar, Karen & Pete

Sturlaugson, Nancy & Phil *

Sueker, Beth & Cassie *°

Summers, Marcia *

Swanson, Gretchen *

Swanson, Jill

Symalla, David, Erin, & Cordelia *

Symalla, Joe & MaryAnn *°

Tamm, Melinda

Tenneson, Linda G. *

Tetrault, Greg & Cathy

Theisen, James & Carol

Thell, Joleen

Thielen, Dan & Diane *

Thielman, Jane & Marilyn *

Thiessen, Maggie & Ronald

Thompson, Chris & Sarah

Thompson, Ellen *

Thompson, Jeff & Molly *

Thueringer, Tricia & Greg

Tilstra, Dave & Janet *

Timmerman Family *

Tjaden, Kim & Nguyen, Joe

Toepfer, Karen & Tony *

Tomporowski, Mary Alice *°

Toogood Froehle, Sharon & Woolcott, Marsha A. *

Town, Aggie

Treptau, Jessica & John

Trettel, Dan & Lisa

Tritabaugh, John & Laurie *

Trombley, Amy & Matt *°

Trueman, Kathleen

Turnow, Caryl *

Unger, Maureen

VanBeck, Diane & Joseph *

Vander Weyst, Stacey

Verkinnes, Gary & Wendy

Vermillion, Dr. Hillary & Terry

Vetter, Brian & Megan

Vick, Charles & Carol

Voeller, Sharon °

Voigt, Karla, Larry & Family *

Von Korff, Connie & Jerry *

Vos, Mary *

Vouk, Lisa & Frank

Wacker, Robbyn & Malkiewicz, Jani

Wagner, Gordon *

Wakefield, Dallas F.

Walker, Mari

Wallinga, Eve & Gary *

Walz, David & Dena *

Warhol, Sherry

Watkin, Dove & Tracey *

Watkins, Betsy & Shawn

Watson, Dan & Jessica *

Wayne, Chris & Katie *

Waytashek, Jeff & Jill *

Weatherz, Tia & Brandon *°

Weber, Gary & Pat

Weber, Kari

Weber, Melissa & Ryan *

Weekley, Denise & John *°

Weitz, John & Sue *

Weldon, Derik & Nancy *°

Welle, Andy & Nicole *

Welle, Rose

Weno, Martha *

Wensman, Janet & Tim *

Wesenberg, Janell & Jason *

Westby, Eloise & Jerry *

Wetterling, Jerry & Patty

Weyrens, Hugo & Rita *

Whipple-Wachtler, Dennis, Scott & Jacob *

Whipple, Steve *

White, Margaret & Michael *

WhiteBox Marketing – Karki, Carrie

Wild, Carol & Lonny *

Williams, Sandra Q. *

Windfeldt, Beth & Greg

Windschitl, Mike & Rose

Wright, Brenda & Tim

Wright, Calinda & Derik *

Wynnemer, Linda *

Young, Sarah & Stuart

Zeleny, Katey & Pete *

Zierden, Stacey & Jason

Zimmerman, Dawn & Ryan *

Zoeller, Diane & David