from Executive Director Lacey Schirmers

Greetings and welcome to GREAT Theatre’s production of Native Gardens at the Helgeson Learning Lab Theatre. Featuring state-of-the-art theatrical lighting and sound in an adaptable and flexible space, each experience in the lab is unique and brings audiences closer to the story being told. For Native Gardens, we have transformed it into the backyards of two homes in a historic Washington DC neighborhood. 

As one of the oldest tools we have for examining what it means to be human, theatre is central to connecting people, building empathy, and opening up dialogue. Just as the two couples’ notions of taste, race, class, and privilege are exposed in Native Gardens – we hope this story not only entertains, but also educates, challenges, and inspires you. We invite you to join us for a complimentary reception in the lobby after the show with Mangonadas from Catalina’s Michoacana – our neighbors just down that road that dish up delicious Mexican ice cream and snacks. We encourage you to connect with others to chat about the themes and messages in Native Gardens. What are the key takeaways – for you and for our community? You’re welcome to share your reflections by writing them on paper flowers and adding them to our garden in the lobby as well as our collective perspectives will enrich the experience.

I also invite you to be part of our 2024/25 season! Selected with consideration from over 1200 season subscribers, volunteer actors, GREAT’s script reading committee, staff, and board of directors (and, what we could get the rights to) – next season includes blockbuster musicals and thought-provoking plays that will entertain and inspire audiences. Did you know you save up to 30% when you become a GREAT season subscriber? Just pick 3 or more shows to subscribe and save! 

Beyond what you see on stage, the process of creating theatre is an art that develops collaboration, creativity, confidence, and meaningful connections for hundreds of artists, participants, and volunteers that bring these stories to life. And, it’s through our education outreach programming that many youth are introduced to theatre developing empathy, leadership skills, and self-discovery that will have a lasting impact for years to come. Collectively, this enriches lives and builds a more vibrant community.

As a nonprofit community theatre, we produce theatre experiences with and for the community and it’s all made possible by the generous contributions of time, talent, and treasure of our volunteers, donors, and sponsors. Thank you for supporting the arts by attending today and being part of our story. Enjoy the show!

Post Show Reception

Join us after the show for a complimentary reception with Mangonadas provided by Catalinas Michoacana!

After the performance, we encourage you to connect with others to chat about the themes and messages in Native Gardens. What are the key takeaways – for you and for our community? 

Share your reflections by writing them on paper flowers and adding them to our garden in the lobby! Your perspective will enrich the collective experience.

Director’s Note

Tania Del Valle, a vibrant character in Karen Zacarias’ fascinating play, Native Gardens, explains that the doctoral dissertation she is working on reflects her interest in identity issues:

“I am interested in origins and when we claim them and when we stop. The power of language and place. Native versus foreign. Especially in a country as complicated as the United States.”

I, too, am interested in these ideas. Very. I am also willing to wager that the power and relevance of these ideas have engaged you as well.

Think about how identity themes permeate present-day headlines and internet socio-political discussions. These themes quite naturally arise in conversations about immigration, political parties, and gender. They also surface in discussions about cultural behaviors as well as the interests and choices stemming from educational, vocational, religious, and state/regional backgrounds and affiliations.

Unfortunately, identity issues can lose their brio if they are expressed within the framework of dry, analytical discourse. Conversely, they can become dangerous if they are weaponized in strident political debate.

I believe identity themes are important to contemplate, and that they can retain their vitality and produce abundant rewards if they are presented in the rich art of theatre. Especially if they are expressed wittily, honestly, and sympathetically.

That is exactly what happens when these concepts take root in the delightful, fecund plot of Native Gardens. It is a brilliant comedy whose highly relatable characters are caught up in an emotion-laden border dispute in an affluent Washington, D.C. suburb. The dialogue’s ardent style pushes us to ponder fundamental questions such as: Who are you? Who am I? What is yours? What is mine?

Because my words here are meant only to be “director’s notes” and not a dissertation, I must conclude by saying that the play’s energy and intelligence–and the way in which these elements have been captured so well by our marvelous cast and production team–have imbued my directorial work at GREAT Theatre with so much pleasure. I am honored to have been invited to direct Native Gardens. Thank you, Kendra Norton Dando.

And I am proud to have been part of GREAT Theatre’s noble effort to cultivate a culture of equity, accessibility, and inclusion.

Enjoy the show!

-Director Lorenzo Sandoval

Native Gardens

by Karen Zacarías

NATIVE GARDENS was commissioned and first produced by Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park under Blake Robison (Artistic Director) and Buzz Ward (Managing Director).

“Native Gardens” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. www.concordtheatricals.com

Karen Zacarías was recently hailed by American Theatre magazine as one of the most produced playwrights in the United States. Her plays include Destiny of DesireNative GardensMariela in the DesertLegacy of LightThe Book Club Play and The Sins of Sor Juana; adaptations include Into the Beautiful NorthJust Like Us and How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent. Zacarías has written 10 TYA musicals with composer Deborah Wicks La Puma including OLIVÉRio: A Brazilian TwistElla Enchanted: The MusicalChasing George Washington: A White House AdventureEinstein Is a DummyLooking for Roberto ClementeFrida LibreJane of the JungleCinderella Eats Rice and BeansFerdinand the Bull and The Magical Piñata. Her plays have been produced at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Goodman Theatre, South Coast Repertory, the Guthrie Theater, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Round House Theatre, GALA Hispanic Theatre, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Dallas Theater Center and many more. Zacarías’ awards include the National Latina Playwrighting Award, the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding New Play, the Francesca Primus Prize, the Stanford University Equity in Theater Award and The Strindberg Citation. She has also been a Susan Smith Blackburn Prize finalist among others. Zacarías is an inaugural resident playwright at Arena Stage in Washington, D.C., as well as a core founder of the Latinx Theatre Commons, a national network that strives to update the American narrative to including the stories of Latinos. She is the founder of Young Playwrights’ Theater, an award-winning theatre company that teaches playwriting in local public schools in Washington, D.C., and she is proud to be Arena Stage’s first resident playwright. Zacarías lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband and three children. http://www.karenzacarias.com/

Cast List

JOSEPH STANICHAR – Building Inspector/Surveyor
TALIA REYNERO – Landscaper


GIACOMO GORI – Deck/Props Crew
ERIN HARTUNG – Deck/Props Crew


Cast and Crew

Selena Anstine

Selena Anstine

Volunteer Actor

Selena Anstine (Tania) – is a nanny to a one year old. She enjoys playing violin, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. After some encouragement from her husband and neighbor, Native Gardens is Selena’s first show back since high school! 

Jorge Delgado

Jorge Delgado

Volunteer Actor

Jorge Delgado (Pablo) – is a stay at home dad. When not on stage, he enjoys acting, writing and learning piano. He’s been in GREAT shows like Little Shop of Horrors, The Great Gatsby, and Guys and Dolls. 

Nancy Lipinski

Nancy Lipinski

Volunteer Actor

Nancy Lipinski (Virginia) – is enjoying her retirement. In her freetime, Nancy enjoys swimming, gardening, and various art projects. She’s been in shows like The Wizard of Oz and The Diary of Anne Frank.

Luis Maldonado

Luis Maldonado

Volunteer Actor

Luis Maldonado (Landscaper) – is an Electrical and Controls Engineer at Central McGowan Automation. In his free time – Luis enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and taking things apart and ALMOST putting them back together. He’s been in GREAT shows like Little Shop of Horrors, Murder on the Orient Express, and Beauty and the Beast.

Talia Reynero

Talia Reynero

Volunteer Actor

Talia Reynero (Landscaper) – is a Social Media Coordinator for Sun Country Airlines. She enjoys painting, watching movies, traveling with her wife, and spending time with their dogs and cats. Acting has always been on Talia’s bucket list, and she’s excited to take the stage in Native Gardens as her GREAT debut!

Timothy Snook

Timothy Snook

Volunteer Actor

Timothy Snook (Frank) – is an Education Support Professional at Parkside Elementary School. He loves to stay active and enjoys running and rock climbing. He also really enjoys singing different show tunes! He’s loved theatre for a very long time, and Native Gardens is Timothy’s GREAT debut!

Joseph Stanichar

Joseph Stanichar

Volunteer Actor

Joseph Stanichar (Building Examiner/Surveyor) – is a reporter for the Morrison County Record. They enjoy playing different video games, building legos, and acting. He was last in GREAT’s The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical. He had such a fun time in Percy that he can’t wait to take the stage again in Native Gardens!

Gardens and cultures clash in this thought-provoking comedy.

Pablo, a high-powered lawyer, and his wife Tania, a doctoral candidate, are realizing the American dream when they purchase a house in a historic D.C. neighborhood. The couple has big plans for their new home, including a “native garden” made of indigenous plants. Their new neighbors are Frank and Virginia, an elderly white couple who welcome them with open arms. When Tania and Pablo set to work on building a fence, they discover that their property line is two feet into Frank’s manicured English garden. The polite veneer breaks down into an all-out border dispute exposing both couples’ notions of taste, race, class, and privilege. 


Playwright Karen Zacarías is both prolific and influential, known for her insightful exploration of contemporary themes, witty dialogue, and diverse characters. Born in Mexico City and raised in the United States, Zacarías brings a unique perspective to her work, drawing from her multicultural background to craft narratives that resonate with audiences across cultural boundaries.

In line with Zacarías’s body of work, Native Gardens offers a comedic yet thought-provoking narrative, going further than entertainment to delve into the complexities of cultural identity, social privilege, and the nuances of the belief systems that guide us. 

Since its premiere, Native Gardens has garnered widespread acclaim for its timely relevance and sharp humor. Critics have praised Zacarías’ incisive writing and the play’s ability to spark meaningful conversations about identity and belonging. Audiences have been drawn to its engaging narrative and relatable characters, finding resonance in its exploration of cultural clashes and the quest for understanding.

There’s more! Recommended readings to learn more the inspiration for, growth of, and reactions to Native Gardens:

Building the (botanical) Wall – A featured articled in American Theatre, a publication by Theatre Communications Group, which named Native Gardens one of the top 10 plays to produce. 

Syracuse Stage presents the Contemporary Comedy ‘Native Gardens’ An article from where the show debuted

Review: Plots and Resentment Bloom in Native Gardens – An article detailing Native Gardens’ regional debut

Karen Zacarías on Turning Neighborhood Disputes Into a Comedy About Plants – An article about the origins of the Spanish version of Native Gardens

Landscaping with Native PlantsA resource for starting your own native garden!

Why Native Plants Matter An article about the importance of native plants for ecosystems

Planting Seeds of Dissent and Hope: An interview with “Native Gardens” playwright Karen Zacarías A Q&A interview with the playwright

Production Team

MADISON KESSEL – Stage Manager
RIEN SCHLECHT – Scenic Designer
ERIN BORELL – Lighting Designer
MARK HENNIGS – Technical Director
STEVE SANDERS – Sound Designer & Assistant Technical Director
KEIRA GRAY – Sound Engineer
ANTHONY SCHROCK – Scenic Carpenter
PAUL HOPPE – Scenic Carpenter
BONNIE BOLOGNA – Prop Designer & Scenic Painter
JESSICA MANCINI – Costume Designer
DANA SVENSSON – Costume Shop Staff
RISA ALLECI – Costume Shop Staff
KRIS HAFFLEY  – ASL Interpreter


And a special thank you to Jerry Whitley of Whitley Electric.

GREAT is thankful for the generosity of our donors whose annual support bridges the gap between ticket sales and the true cost of producing high quality shows, camps, and education outreach programming to ensure everyone in central Minnesota has access to the transformative power of the arts. Gifts of all sizes collectively make a big impact. Thank you.

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Central MN Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.


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