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Jessica Mancini

Costume Shop Manager

Jessica Mancini grew up in Kimball, MN and has lived in St. Cloud, MN for more than a few years. Jessica leads a wonderful team of volunteers in the creation and care of costumes for GREAT’s productions, summer Camps and other programming. She works closely with the Resident Costume Designer to understand the costume needs for each project, and to facilitate and contribute to the realization of the Costume Design. Jessica loves spending time with members of her family, and especially finds joy in watching her nieces and nephews discover and learn.  She also enjoys books and audiobooks, logic puzzles and riddles, singing in the car, and dancing in the kitchen. For Jessica, making a contribution to a production is wonderful, but she takes even more pride in the moments when costume shop volunteers can pick out specific costume pieces they’ve worked on, and experience the feeling that comes from watching their work come to life onstage.