Congratulations to the cast and crew on a job well done!


Plot Summary: 

Based on Disney’s epic animated musical adventure and Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan® of the Apes, Tarzan features heart-pumping music by rock legend Phil Collins and a book by TONY Award-winning playwright, David Henry Hwang. High-flying excitement and hits like the Academy Award winning “You’ll Be in My Heart” as well as “Son of Man” and “Two Worlds” make Tarzan® an unforgettable theatrical experience. Washed up on the shores of West Africa, an infant boy is taken in and raised by gorillas who name him Tarzan. Apart from striving for acceptance from his ape father, Tarzan’s life is mostly monkey business until a human expedition treks into his tribe’s territory and he encounters creatures like himself for the first time. Tarzan struggles to navigate a jungle, thick with emotion as he discovers his animal upbringing clashing with his human instincts.

About Tarzan:

Dates: April 10 - 19, 2015

Location: Paramount Theatre

Based on: The Disney Film "Tarzan"

Adapted fom the story: “Tarzan of the Apes” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Book By: David Henry Hwang

Music and Lyrics By: Phil Collins

Actors in Cast: 32

Actors making their Mainstage Debut: 7

Musicians in Live Orchestra: 14

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