“Having a creative aspect to my job has been really, really energizing.” Since she started at GREAT one year ago, Jasmyn’s job as Administrative Assistant, supporting both volunteers and our education programming, has evolved to include artistic elements as well. Her first week on the job lined up with the opening of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella at The Ledge Amphitheater, GREAT’s first show at the venue – which means she is celebrating her one year work-iversary at Grease! 

It was an awesome first week meeting so many volunteers in that setting and I’ve ended up working with some of them really closely at multiple shows throughout the last year. One of the volunteers even sends me emails with the pictures they take of trips!”

Jasmyn’s work with volunteers is extensive. She handles orientation for new volunteers– giving tours, managing background checks, and connecting them with the department they are interested in helping out. She also coordinates appreciation efforts for cast and crew and leads scheduling and training volunteer greeters and ushers at GREAT productions. 

Jasmyn graduated from Luther with a degree in art with a minor in visual communication. “I applied here because it made sense with my education and experience working as an art gallery technician, a studio technician, and an office assistant. What I do at GREAT is very similar to those roles in many ways, so I feel like it’s a perfect fit.”

Jasmyn’s artistic background has been invaluable, too. She does graphic design to support marketing efforts as well as our productions – if you see the Pink Ladies, Burger Palace Boys, or Rydell High logos for Grease, that’s all her! She has even started painting sets and helping with props as well. 

 I have enough aspects of my job that don’t change for me to feel confident in my ability to perform, but I also have things that are different each day that keep me curious and excited!”

Come and celebrate Jasmyn’s one year work-iversary (and her birthday!) with us at The Ledge Amphitheater for Grease this weekend, July 21, 22, and 23! Tickets available through Ticketmaster.