“I [wanted] to be part of this project because people my age [never get opportunities] like this!”

We are so excited to introduce the Youth Scenic Designer of “Charlotte’s Web”, Adelaide Miron! Adelaide is a freshman at St. John’s Preparatory School and the scenic designer of “Charlotte’s Web”. In her free time, Adelaide participates in the SPJ Theatre and Games Club where she plays a lot of Dungeons and Dragons and is on the Knowledge Bowl Team.

“I was a munchkin and there were about a hundred others. It was SO crazy!”

Adelaide has been involved in theatre since she was eight years old. She made her debut in a production of the “Wizard of the Oz” that her mother was co-directing. After her first theatre experience, she would participate in at least one show a year until she was a “Wimp Wrangler” for GREAT’s production of “Disney’s The Little Mermaid” and the next year in “Elf the Musical”. Adelaide “fell in love with working backstage and working with kids” so she was excited to sign-up for this unique creative opportunity!

“Unlike acting, when you work back stage you are seeing the bigger picture and that’s so important to a production”

When recounting her experiences with this project, Adelaide highlighted communication as one of her strengths saying, “I love to talk. I could talk forever. I am very good at communicating, maybe even a little too much with the jokes” then quickly said,” [but] one thing I am getting better at is accepting criticism and learning from other people’s input. That’s been hard.”

Adelaide’s mentor, Rich Kimmerle, however, “[has been] easy to work with”, said Adelaide, “[he] is very encouraging, gives me projects but let’s me guide my own deadlines and brainstorms. Rich even gave me a program to sketch up my own designs.”

Check out Adelaide’s scenic take on this charming and timeless story on Friday, April 30th at 11am or 1pm or on Saturday, May 1st at 10 AM! —> https://bit.ly/3kBsFKx