Wholesome. That’s the word that comes to mind for Laura Howard when she thinks about GREAT.

“At GREAT, I felt free to be completely, one hundred percent, my unique self.”

Laura grew up in Becker and did at least one show a year throughout middle and high school. After her first role in Pollyanna, she was hooked, leading to her all-time favorite role as Pippi Longstocking in 1999.

“There I was just 16 years old and the kids who just watched the show coudln’t wait to meet me, to meet Pippi!”

She recalls the excitement of signing playbills and taking photos after performances.

“It made me feel like a celebritiy!”

Her recent rediscovery of the music from Pippi Longstocking now as a n adult brings back a wave of emotions. Despite her distance from GREAT now that she has moved away, Laura says her memories and fondness for GREAT are still strong.

“GREAT was such an important part of my youth.”

Laura donated to the GREATer Together Challenge Match because

“having that kind of a space when you are an impressionable middle or high schooler does wonders for your confidence. I made such good friends, I had a sense of belonging, and some of my best memories are with GREAT. It was all just such wholesome fun.”