Trooper’s experience onstage didn’t start with this production of “Legally Blonde.” The energetic and joyful boxer mix has played Rufus in “Legally Blonde” before and has been in “A Christmas Story” with GREAT! Unofficially, he’s also been an emotional support dog for other productions through the years. In a written response, Trooper’s mom Michelle talked about Trooper, his role in “Legally Blonde,” and his path to the stage!


Q: Tell us Trooper’s story– how did Trooper come to be a member of your family?

A: We adopted Trooper from a rescue organization when he was just ten weeks old. He was the largest pup of the litter and the last one left! According to our recent doggie DNA test, he is about sixty percent Boxer with some Staffordshire/Pit Bull Terrier, Chow Chow, Bulldog and, believe it or not, three percent Chihuahua!


Q: What does Trooper do for fun? Tell us about his personality.

A:  Trooper spends his days lounging and cuddling at home with our family of five… He loves hanging out with our Yorkie and cats. Trooper has always been a talker. While he barks like every other dog, he’s expressive with his wishes – varying pitches of whines, whimpers and sighs. He instantly connects with anyone and everyone – and he knows how to deliver unconditional love. 


Q: Trooper has a history as a performer–  How did you know that Trooper would do so well on stage?

A: My son Noah and I were cast in GREAT’s 2016 production of “A Christmas Story”. Trooper was about 3 years old at the time. The Director, Aimee Miron, needed a couple of big dogs to act as “Bumpus Hounds.” So we gave it a try! Trooper and co-star Ophelia made it look easy. They both turned into unofficial therapy dogs for the entire cast. Last year my son Evan was a crew member for a high school production of “Legally Blonde.” He started bringing Trooper to rehearsals and he naturally fit right in as Rufus.


Q: What are Trooper’s favorite treats?

A: He LOVES cat treats from the dollar store! But honestly, he’s not picky. One of his favorite things is to beg for bits of toast every time he hears the toaster being used!


Q: How does Trooper respond to being in the rehearsal room?

A: His whole body wriggles back and forth as he “talks” to his cast mates with excitement. Watch out for his tail when he gets going, it hurts! After saying hello in the rehearsal room, he makes his way to a soft blanket near any walkway to begin his duties as greeter and takes appointments for more 1 on 1 time.


Q: Tell us what this experience has been like for you and Trooper so far. 

A: My heart melts as I watch Trooper interact with the cast. He’s a little older this time around on stage, so he seems to tire a little more easily. He’s on stage twice then spends a larger role hanging out with the cast, playing with co-star, Dewey, and of course curling up in a blanket for a good nap.


Come and see Trooper wag his way across the stage in “Legally Blonde” this weekend thru April 23rd at the Paramount Center for the Arts!