Legally Blonde drew me back to GREAT because beyond fun, it’s a beautiful story of female empowerment!”

If you’ve already seen Legally Blonde at the Paramount Center for the Arts, you’d recognize Sam Pounds as one of Elle’s Delta Nu sisters, Margot. Sam is also understudying the role of Elle and has a lot in common with the fashion major turned lawyer. “I relate to Elle a lot… For starters, I’m blonde! Really though, people do make assumptions about that. I mean, everyone in the world automatically makes quick judgements about other people. That’s how our brains are wired. Right now I’m in a cute skirt with a bright red shirt, I have blonde hair, and when people see me they might assume that I’m… cute? Maybe a little ditzy? Probably nice. But they don’t assume that I’m smart, and they don’t automatically give me respect. They don’t assume that I’m getting my Master’s degree. They wouldn’t assume that about me, just as they wouldn’t assume that about Elle.”

Sam recently accepted an offer for a Masters program at St. Cloud State University, where she will study Speech-Language Pathology in order to become a Speech Therapist at a hospital or clinic. The program will take two years, during which Sam will also be filling a Graduate Assistant position.

Through my studies in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences, I’ve learned about ways that people can struggle to communicate, and how we can help, and often improve peoples’ quality of life– that’s what life is really about, connecting with other people.”

Connection is something Sam thinks of often, even during her involvement with Legally Blonde. While the cast has become close knit, she notes that the experience has also brought them closer to their community. “Being in a show definitely connects you with your community. For the audience, it’s a relief from the stressors of life. It’s a few hours where you don’t have to think about the outside world. And then you can talk about it afterwards and during intermission, and it does open up important discussions. For example, it’s hard with this show because some of the songs, while they are hilarious, are also problematic at the same time. And where the line is between funny and problematic–  that’s a conversation we need to be having!”

Sam is very aware of the values that Legally Blonde might point out in us. Some of the stereotypes that the show touches on surround masculinity and femininity, sexuality, intelligence, and even hair color. For Sam, the script of Legally Blonde is a space where these ideas can exist playfully, and a message of hope can be found.

As a woman, you have to earn the respect that men are given automatically. Elle gets knocked down towards the end of the show, and it’s so important to Elle’s story that she builds herself back with the support of other women. The people who help build her back up are Vivienne, Paulette, and the Delta Nu sorority sisters. It’s an awesome tale of women coming together and supporting each other.”

Come and experience the hopeful and hilarious fun of Legally Blonde this weekend at the Paramount Center for the Arts! Get your tickets today!