Sasparella Trauffea is Dancing!: An Original Radio Play

Sasparella Trauffea is Dancing! is the winning script from the 20/21 KVSC & GREAT Scriptwriting Competition.

Author’s Bios
Meg Mechelke

Local playwright Meg Mechelke is a second year student at the University of Iowa. Far from her hometown of Sartell, MN, she is studying English and theatre and is heavily involved in the campus’s theatre and publication scenes. Her work has appeared both on stage and in print at the university and beyond, and she is excited to be going back to her “GREAT” roots with this project.

Author’s Note

The first play I ever saw at GREAT—quite possibly the first play I saw ever—was the 2006 production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I was six years old, and I was TERRIFIED. My sole memory of that production is sitting crouched on the floor in the first row of the Paramount balcony, hiding behind the safety rail so that the wolves wouldn’t be able to “get me.” Here began a two-pronged fascination: with theatre and with fairytales.

Thus, it isn’t actually all that surprising that I am making my return to the world of GREAT today with a piece of theatre that is, at its heart, both a celebration and a queering of the fairytale genre, in particular the “happily ever after” ideal we all long for. It seems like a simple concept. Belle marries the Beast, Cinderella finds her prince, Buttercup escapes with Wesley… Of course, today we understand that this idea of a happy ending doesn’t have to include a man, or even a romance. Today when we tell kids to “follow their dreams” and to “dream big,” we mean “get away from your hometown, go to a fancy college, and find yourself a six-figure job in a big city.” In a way, this is just as limiting as the heteronormative, patriarchal concept of every story ending in a marriage. We are obsessed with the idea that living happily ever after means something huge and life-changing and dramatic, which is, frankly, as silly and reductive as it is unrealistic.

Thus, when I tell say that this play is about following your dreams, I don’t mean finding some huge, existential purpose in life or making a million dollars. I mean that this play is about finding the thing that brings you joy, the thing that matters most to you in the whole world, and never, ever letting it go. Enjoy!

Meg Mechelke


Sasparella Trauffea is dancing! And she won’t stop! In this loose adaptation of the somewhat historical events of the Dancing Plague of 1518, the residents of a small town must deal with the consequences of a runaway father, an ostentatious mayor, and, of course, the brazen dancing of the Trauffea girl. Add to the mix a lovesick confectioner and a hasty engagement, and you’ve got the recipe for a rollicking adventure of a radio show that the whole family will love!

This production is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes and appropriate for audiences of all ages.

Abby Schnobrich, Director of Sasparella Trauffea is Dancing!

Loosely inspired by the Dancing Plague of 1518, Sasparella Trauffea is Dancing! is a lighthearted story that is sure to brighten up the airwaves with some good old-fashioned joy. It has certainly been a joy for me to be able to bring theatre to the community again through GREAT theatre. This one-of-a-kind show provides its own challenges, of course, but moreover, it demonstrates the tenacity and resiliency of the arts. Even in the midst of a pandemic, we can still create beautiful and brave art for all to enjoy. I want to express my sincerest gratitude to GREAT theatre and KVSC for continuing to create memorable experiences and opportunities for all volunteers and staff involved.

Since a radio show removes physical staging and visual design elements, rehearsing on Zoom provides a unique opportunity to bring character development and analysis to the forefront. We spent a lot of time in rehearsal dissecting the text and exploring the dynamics between characters. We also had the opportunity to speak with the local playwright and pick her brain, which is an experience that few community theatre actors get to have. In speaking with her, the cast was able to get a look at her creative process and better understand the development of their characters and nuances in their relationships.

Sasparella Trauffea is Dancing! is, at its heart, a story about relationships. Be it a romantic relationship, a father/daughter relationship, a friendship, or even an unsuccessful attempt at connection, relationships with other humans are what tie us together. They are the thread that we hold onto in times of sadness, uncertainty, and celebration. Now, more than ever, we are relying on our relationships and connections to others. I hope you can find in this production a mirror to a relationship or connection in your own life. May it make you want to start dancing and never, ever stop.


Abby Schnobrich

Character List

Lori Gulbranson – Sasparella

Merit Burgett – Egg

Micah Alm – Ferdinand

Solveig Anderson – Clorabelle

Megan Myers – Wallace Ainsley as male character actor

Katelyn Holdstad – Gertrudina

Jason Schommer – The Mayor

Jay Ramos – Edmund/Man #1

Steve Gottwalt – Ferdinand’s Father

Kaleb Fischer – Priest/Man #2


Megan Myers

Megan Myers

Volunteer actor

Megan is a pricing data technician at Coborn’s, Inc. She enjoy theatre, reading, being a self-proclaimed “Disney nerd”, and spending time with family and friends.

Megan has been in many GREAT productions including Clue, A Christmas Carol, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Ahoy Murder Dead Ahead, Laramie Project and many more!

Lori Gulbranson

Lori Gulbranson

Volunteer Actor

Lori loves camping, hiking, rollerskating, and kayaking.  This is Lori’s second time auditioning for a show in adulthood and proud to say her GREAT Debut!

Steve Gottwalt

Steve Gottwalt

Volunteer Actor

Steve has been involved in theatre and music his entire life, and in radio for more than 40 years. He also worked on the stage crew for two seasons for A Prairie Home Companion, and has had a passion for the mind of radio theatre. Steve also enjoys old motorcycles, traveling, “grandparenting”, fishing and hunting.

Steve was in GREAT’s productionn of 1776 but has also been in production like Oliver, Carmen, A Christmas Carol,
and many, many, more.

Katelyn Holstad

Katelyn Holstad

Volunteer Actor

Katelyn has been involved with GREAT for almost 20 YEARS ! She is a reading specialist who enjoys books, music, video games, and alphabetizing. She was involved in a production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and in GREAT’s productions of Mary Poppins,  Night of the Living Dead, and many more.

Kaleb  Fisher

Kaleb Fisher

Volunteer Actor

Kaleb is a writer from a large multiracial family and is in the editing phase of his first YA fantasy novel. Jay studied theatre and communication at SCSU and participated in two SCSU choirs at once as baritone in one choir and a tenor in the other. He also co-produced a few originally written grassroots plays in the Saint Cloud community and even found out about this from a person he write scripts with in his free time.

Jason Schommer

Jason Schommer

Volunteer Actor

Jason has been involved with GREAT in a variety of capacities. As an actor he has been in Singing’ in the Rain and Peter and the Starcatcher (script in hand).  He has also directed The Importance of Being Earnest (script in hand)  and Night of the Living Dead (radio play). Jason’s interests include performing, reading and writing.

Solveig Anderson

Solveig Anderson

Volunteer Actor

Solveig is well known throughout the Central Minnesota theatre community. She enjoys the arts and the outdoors. Solveig has been in shows like Steel Magnolias, Always a Bridesmaid and participated in GREAT productions such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Much Ado About Nothing, and the GREATer Together Broadway Revue.

Micah Alm

Micah Alm

Volunteer Actor

Micah is a buildings and grounds worker at Lake Maria State Park. He enjoys snowmobiling, hiking, and playing video games. Micah has participated in many GREAT productions including GREAT’s Ahoy! Murder! Dead Ahead! and Sasparella Trauffea is Dancing!.

Merit Burgett

Merit Burgett

Volunteer Actor

Merit’s love for story-telling, creating, and the arts runs deep. They enjoy tabletop gaming, writing flash fiction, training in stage combat and more. Originally from Texas, Merit moved to Minnesota in 2014 seeking out a sense of transformation. By 2018, they began pushing their boundaries even further and found many exciting and challenging opportunities as a writer, improvisational street theatre, director and performer of performance in stand-up comedy, and traditional stage work. Sasparella Trauffea is Dancing! is Merit’s GREAT debut.

Production Team

Abby Schnobrich

Director, Volunteer Actor

Amanda Kivel

Stage Manager

Colin Jarrell

Technical Designer

Jeff Carmack

KVSC Staff

Jo McMullen-Boyer

KVSC Staff

Jim Gray

KVSC Staff

Drew Sevcik

Foley Sound Designer





This project is funded in part by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Culture Legacy Amendment.


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Portz, Jay & Kris
Prochnow, Bob & Joanne
Putnam, Aric & Laurie
Radtke, Jenna
Rajala, Nikki
Ranweiler, Jennifer
Reber, Anita & Steve
Reck, Jerry & Jane
Reigstad, Greg & Janet
Reisinger, John & Kathy
Reker, Jennifer & Kevin
Ritter, Debra *
Rivera-Reyes, Yadaira
Roehl, Rosemary & Frank
Rolph, Amy
Roquette, Jan
Rothstein, Erich & Jessica *
Ruis, Jon & Joy
Sakry, Terry & Diane *
Sandbur Acres
Santiago DeFord, Heidi & Feliciana
Schaefer, Victoria
Scharnweber, Amber
Schelske, Patsy R. *
Scheuerell, Bob & Judy
Schiffler, Bernie & Dennis *
Schindele Paulzine, Dana
Schleif, Keryn & Thomas
Schlueter, Jill
Schmidt, Chris & Melanie *
Schmitz, James
Schneider, Abby & Craig °
Schoenfelder, Jackie & Ron *
Schoenleben, Barbie & Jeff
Schroeder, Rebecca & Todd *
Schumacher, Greg & Stacy
Schumacher, Sarah
Seamans, Kyle & Megan *
Severson, Carol & Doug
Shaddrick, Kelley
Shelander, Diane
Sidmore, Andrea & Frederick
Siemens, Molly & Ryan
Simmons, James, Michelle, Ella, Molly & Autumn *°
Simonson, Lynn
Sliter, Sara & Greg
Smith, Brenda
Solheim, Dave & Jean *
Sorell, Jan *
Spah, Adam & Brittany
Starich, Paulson
Statz, Angel
Stavrum, Dick & Perian *
Stenberg, Paul & Amanda*
Stewart, Elizabeth
Stewart, Kris *
Stiegel, Andy & Kirsten *
Stoering, Anita & Tyler
Stoermann, Joanne
Stone, Linda
Stracke, Ed, Kris & Family
Strandemo, Barb & Gary
Stupar, Karen & Pete
Summers, Marcia *
Swanson, Emily & Willie *°
Swanson, Jill
Symalla, Joe & MaryAnn *°
Tetrault, Greg & Cathy
The Rusty Pick *
Theisen, James & Carol
Thell, Joleen
Thier, Leah & Chad
Thompson, Chris & Sarah
Thompson, Ellen *
Tillman, Kary, Scott, Morgan & Grace *
Timmerman Family *
Trettel, James & Sandra *
Unger, Jennifer *
Vangsness, Kelly
Vetter, Brian & Megan
Vick, Charles & Carol
Voeller, Sharon °
Vosen, Judy & Thomas *
Wagenius, Kirsten *
Wagner, Gordon *
Wakefield, Dallas F.
Walker, Mari
Watson, Dan & Jessica *
Waytashek, Jeff & Jill *
Weatherz, Tia & Brandon *°
Weitz, John & Sue *
Welander, Linnea & Sean
Welle, Andy & Nicole *
Welle, Rose
Wells, Christy
Wendel, Mike & Kathie
Wesenberg, Janell & Jason *
Wessels, Jackie
Westby, Eloise & Jerry *
Wetterling, Jerry & Patty
Weyrens, Hugo & Rita *
Whipple, Steve *
White, Allison
White, Rebecca
Wild, Carol & Lonny *
Williams, Sandra Q. *
Windfeldt, Beth & Greg
Wolfe, Ellie
Wollersheim, Ashley & Jeremy
Wright, Brenda & Tim
Wynnemer, Linda *
Zabinski, Nancy & Robert
Zeleny, Katey & Pete *
Zierden, Stacey & Jason

Allen, Sally & Tom
Anderson, Paulette
Anonymous *
Arndt, Beverly & Gery
Backes, Darlene
Backes, Sara & Timothy
Bacon, Royce
Bain, Savanna & Mitch
Baron, Sue
Beckmann Kids *
Berg, Kelly
Bergstrom, Patricia
Birkland, Marilyn *
Bjorklun, Gene & Mary Margaret *
Blissenbach, Becky & Jonathon
Borgert, Sharon & David
Boulka, Gretchen T.
Brambrink, Juliet & Hailey
Braun, Kelly
Brewster, Mary Jane & Roger *
Byram, Deborah
Calhoun, Tamara
Carlson, Mata
Carlson, Sandra & Bruce
Chmielewski, Mary
Christopherson, Lois
Churchill, Monica
Clarke, Rachel & Caelin *
Colberg Family *
Comstock, Emily & Jay
Cotton, Dan & Elaine
Crue, Kelly
D’averill, Kari
Daubanton, Mary *
DeLong, Jeanette & Leonard
Dietz, Trina & Eric
Dombrovski, Mary
Dorsher, Steven *
Dupla Family
Dvorak, Erica
Eibes, Sara & Tom
Fahey, Barry & Jessica *
Felling, Jodie, Mark & Grace
Fitzharris, Pat
Fleischhacker, John
Fleming, Denise
Flynn, Beth
Folkerts, Nicole
Ford, Jerry & Kreitlow, Marienne *
Friedrich, Suzanne & Kuehl, Eric
Friese, Toni
Funk, Bonnie & Rick
Gadacz, Angela & Keith
Gerads, John
Gerard, Ara
Gertz, Tanya & Faust
Geyer, Gail
Giese, Teresa
Gordon, Tracy
Gruber, Rachel *
Guzman, Amber & Ricco
Hammond, Victoria
Hansen, Judy & Norm
Hanson, Brad & Lisa *
Haskamp, Anne
Hayes, Ann
Heinen, Caitlyn
Heinen, DeAnn & Matt
Henry, Jim & Patty
Herbig, Evonne
Hergert, Tom
Hermans-Miller, Lindsay & Miller, Ryan
Hinkemeyer, Kent & Mary
Hochhalter, Cheryl
Hoeschen, Tracy L. *
Hoffman, John
Holman, Andrew, Carter, Cooper & Maxwell
Holmgren-Hoeller, Gayla
Holthaus, Michelle
Howard, Laura
Hruska, LaVern
Isaacson, Kayley
Jennissen, Kevin, Kayla, Eleanor & Stephen
Johnson, Filip & Jackie
Johnson, Janelle *°
Johnson, Murdoch & Tuff, Dianne *
Johnson, Sheilagh *
Kath, Kathy *
Keating, Carissa
Keller, Rachel & Josh
Kigin, Marie
Kimball, Sharon & William
Klaverkamp, Debra
Konz, Elisha
Koscielniak, Margaret & Donald
Krebs, Judy
Krebsbach, Sherry *
Laib, Pat & Mary
Larsen, Margaret
Lawrence, Kris & Schumann, Rob & Family *
Legatt, Melanie
Lehman, Christopher & Sampada
Lewandowski, Janel & Tom
Listug-Lunde, Dane & Lori *
Lolmasteymaugh, Ken & Rachel
Lommel, Geraldine
Loy, Leanne
Martin, Gretchen & Reller, Kevin
Massmann, Susan Marie
Mazacek, Joan
McGowan, Linda & Tom *°
Meemken, Patrice
Meier, Anders & Molly
Melby, David & Gloria
Mersinger, Hannah
Meyer, Alexis & Nathan
Millner, Jason
Moeller, Diane & Ralph
Mork, Tina & Ryan
Morris, Ellen & Ryan *
Murfin, Walt
Nahan, Connie & Mike *
Nelson, Barb
Nelson, Joel & Ann
Nelson, Margaret & Justin *
Nemanich, Jerome & Kris
Nessa, Jill *
Neumann, Myrel
O’Malley, Robert A.
Ohlenkamp, Mark & Melinda *
Olson, Isaiah & Jennifer *
Opatz, Mary Cheryl
Orn, Josh & Whitney *
Outhwaite, Ariana & Beckett
Paavola, Jennifer
Parker, Jessica & Matthew
Peterka, Pamela
Peterson, Michelle
Petroski, Jodi
Pflipsen, Katherine
Pierce, Joleen & Dustin
Piggush, Yvette
Porter, Minto *
Proell, Mary
Quade, Deanna & John *
Quick, Mary
Rebeck, Tomoko
Reid, Denise & Keith
Reiter, Jessica & Wayne
Rethmeier, Dan & Mary *
Robak, Trista *
Roelofs, Debra
Romosz, Becky
Roske, Lisa
Rothenberg, Stu
Rud, Amber & Ricky
Rudningen, Lyle & Janelle
Russell, Lorea
Ruzanic, Rachel & Ted
Schaap, Robine
Schaefer, Jennifer & Scott
Scharf, Lisa & Ted
Scheskie, Derek & Kristi
Schmid, Mary
Schoenherr, Laura
Schroeder, Jennifer
Schulte, Rose
Schumann, Angela & Matt *
Seaborn, Cristina & Walter, Rick
Sheesley, Florence & Gerald *
Smetana, Tracy
Soltis, Patricia & Randy *
Spellacy, Anita *
Stark, Charles
Stark, Katy & Terry
Steffes, Melissa
Stegman, Brian & Tanya *
Stellmach, Jan
Steman, Suzanne & Tom
Swanson, Gretchen *
Thiessen, Maggie & Ronald
Toepfer, Karen & Tony *
Toogood Froehle, Sharon & Woolcott, Marsha A. *
Town, Aggie
Trueman, Kathleen
Unger, Maureen
Vachal, Jay & Melody *
Vander Weyst, Stacey
Verkinnes, Gary & Wendy
Vouk, Lisa & Frank
Wallinga, Eve & Gary *
Warhol, Sherry
Watkins, Betsy & Shawn
Weber, Kari
Weno, Martha *
Wenz, Deborah *
Wenz, Natalie *
Weyer, Valerie
Whitney, Trina
Williams, Jasmyn
Witte, Debbie & Richard *
Wortham, Angela
Zack, Craig & Jessie *
Zetah, Jody
Zetterlund, Judy & Allen

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Amazon Smile Foundation *
Ament, Bob & Karen *
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Ankenmar, Jackie
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Austin, Rebecca
Becker, Jacob
Beckmann, Kayla
Benoit, Donald & Heather
Berg, Joe & Theresa
Berger, Dave & Richards-Berger, Brandi *
Bertram, Pamela
Bjorklund, Allan & Renae
Boatz, Margaret & Robert *
Bolsta, Cyn
Bowden, John & Phyllis *
Bown Family
Brand, Laura & Popp, Duane
Britz, Bea & Larry *
Bromenshenkel, Marie
Bruno, Samantha
Burch, Elizabeth & Burch Brown, Rosemary
Cain, Kiara
Carrier, Joan
Casey, Kathy
Chirhart, Jennifer
Clare, Judy
Clemetson, Tya & Nordstrom, Ray
Cotton, Clark & Zeller, Adrienne
Coughenour, Leo
Cusipag, Karrie & Franco
Danuser, Ruth
Deal-Hansen, Terri
Dennis, Kay M.
Donabauer, Liza
Durken, Deb & Kevin
Emberland, Heather & Mark & Family
Engels Family
Euteneuer, Alyssa
Eveslage, Brenda *
Finlayson, Lyle & Kathi
Fox Family
Frank, Susan
Fritz, Jennifer
Frost, Annah
Gamble, Michelle
Garlock, Chad
Hahn, Kimberly
Halliday, Christie
Hansen, Heidi
Harris, Ross
Hauge, Paulette
Heesch, Janelle
Heidelberger, Sarah
Hein, Aimee
Hein, Jack
Herian, Beth & Tim
Holt, Ann & Dick
Hurrle, Amy
Imholte, Christy & Steve
Inveiss, Ojars J. & Elizabeth
Isaacson, Amanda & Rob
Jameson, Kelly
Jensen, Sarah
Jessen-Klixbull, Carol
Johnson, Jodi & Tony °
Johnson, Meghan
Jones, Timothy
Kampa, Harold & Nancy
Kelash, Natalie
Kempen, Jean
Kiehn, Joyce & Bruce
Kieser, Don & Mary Anne *
Koscielniak, Katie
Koshiol, Erin & Paul
Kraemer, Tammy & Leroy *
Kremer, Liz
Kreuzer, Kari & Matt
Kroll, Heidi & Rev. Nathan
Kundrat, Frank & Laurie
Lalley, Debra
Larkin, Valerie
Lauer, Glen
Lawrence, Alan & Sandy *
Lesmeister, Jennifer
Lieser, Tina M.
Lively, Karen
Lougheed, Sarah & Christopher
Lowe, Darren & Ronna
Lowe, Taylor
Luebesmier, David & Meghan
Luetmer, Stacey
Lytner, Joyce & Dresow, David *
Maurice, Jim & Crowley, Kevin
McCourt, Nancy
McKeown, Jessica
Meller, Alecia
Michaud, Dawn & Patrick
Miller, Andrea
Miller, Christine
Mockenhaupt, Leah
Mockros, Brad & Sheila *
Moran, Anna & David
Murphy, Maureen
Myers, Megan *
Nealy, Margie & Bobbi
Neisen, Kelly & Tim
Nienow, Lori & Torii
Niosi, Patricia
Nohner, Ken & Theresa *
Novak, Missy
Ostendorf, Julie
Penrod, Emily
Peterson, Dean
Pettus Larson, Khamara *°
Place, Elaine
Popowski, Marcie *
Potthoff, Jeff & Tracy
Quiggle, Gretchen & Scott
Raiche, Julie & Thomas
Rasmussen, Chris
Reiter, Carol
Richards, Clare
Robeck, Renee
Ronyak, Katherine
Ross, Janet & Patrick
Running, Cheryl
Russell, Teddy
Schlauderaff, Gail
Schnobrich, Abigail
Schoenberg, Kayla
Schoenecker, Jacqueline
Schroden, Jerome & Carol
Schroeder, Terry & Wanda
Schueller, Dan & Karen *
Sells, Jake
Shanley, Evan
Shields, Bob & Marie
Shirley, Maureen & Gregory
Smith, Christopher
Smith, Danica
Smith, Dean & Jean
Sofio, Tony
Steffenson, Jean & Greg
Steinmetz, Emily &Todd
Stoermann, Terri
Storkamp, Mary *
Suckert, Carla & Lonnie *
Suzy Contusion
Swenson, Athena
Sycks, Linda
Taatjes, Audrey
Trulson, Ronnette Kennedy
Vossen, Betty & Ralph
Warhol, Maria
Weber, Christine & Jerry
Weems, Heather & O’Donnell, Billy
Welters, Glen, Theresa & Family
White, Elena
Wicktor, Carol & James
Williamson, Abby
Woeste, Sarah
Wong, Jonathan
Woods Lehrer, Matt & Meghan
Woolcott, Suzanne
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Zabinski, Holly
Zellmann, LuAnn
Zellner, Annella
Zittlow, Anne

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