My skills are best suited for the messy collaboration that is theatre!”
Born and raised in Minnesota, Kyle Weiler is a performer, choreographer, director, and educator. His career in the arts has led him far and wide–he graduated from Julliard in New York, toured as a performer in Broadway’s “Hamilton,” and has taught dance all over the country. For the past few months, Kyle has been working with GREAT as the choreographer for Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” which wraps up this weekend. And we’re delighted to welcome him back again this spring to choreograph “Legally Blonde”!
I’ve always loved the movie [White Christmas], since I was kid, and I’m excited that we’re going to bring something fresh to the stage.” Fresh is an important theme for Kyle’s choreography. He wanted each number to feel distinct, yet strung together by a celebration of theatre, community, and Christmas. “I want to make something nostalgic and familiar, but I want it to feel fresh as well. I would love for you to feel right at home with us, even though it’s brand new.”
Conversations between Kyle and the rest of the creative team led to a mix of elements novel and nostalgic on the Paramount stage. “We talked about audience expectations, and the next conversation was how can we get as creative as possible within those ideas? That’s where the dialogue started with the creative process.” During his career, Kyle has designed a Masterclass used globally and toured the Midwest with the Arts Fusion Initiative, an educational initiative that he also helped found. Kyle’s experience as an educator has come in handy while working for GREAT.
Everybody learns so differently. Everyone everywhere, but also every single one of our cast members learns completely differently, and it’s up to me to teach in the way that’s best for their learning styles and habits. I’ve found that it helps to get past any shyness or reservedness if I come in as this crazy Willy Wonka, this over the top human in the room. Let’s be wild! Let’s fall on our face! Let’s go! And that’s paying off.”
Kyle says that he’s more comfortable standing (or dancing) in front of a group as a teacher than he is as a performer. As an instructor, he gets to lead the room, create a positive environment, and challenge a group of individuals to do something great. “That’s where I feel most comfortable. In that sense, “White Christmas” is a chance to come back to the part of the process I love most. Being creative, leading people, and having a dialogue with this team!”