“Theatre is like nothing else. You can go see a movie anywhere. A live performance is something truly amazing. It’s exciting and transports an entire audience to a different world. My job is all part of spreading the love and art of theatre.”

Robert Kovach is a scenic designer with 20 years of experience. He has an undergrad in Technical Theatre and his masters in Production Design. So what brings a New York set designer to the middle of Minnesota? GREAT, of course.

“I met Dennis (GREAT’s executive director) back in 2013. I do work all over, but when I meet someone that has a great personality and I think ‘yeah, I can sit and spend entire weekends or 16 hour days with them’, it’s an easy decision. Dennis is a visionary and this community is one of the best to work with.

Set design is it’s own art. You have to take someone’s words and make them a visual reality. For this show specifically, our biggest challenge was the space. The Paramount Theatre is beautiful, but it’s a shallow stage, and the show has a large cast that will be dancing – a lot. You really have to understand spatial relations. I can’t wait for the audience to see the texture and the underbelly of the streets of Chicago brought to life. It all came together in a really, really great way.”