September 14, 2019

Desireé has been in just two plays prior to Chicago, but she’s choreographed seven GREAT shows. So why the return to the stage now? And why this razzle dazzle show?

Chicago became my all time favorite musical when the movie version was released in 2002, my senior year of high school. I learned that the musical was on Broadway, and I began to dream about the possibilities of seeing it live in New York City. Well last summer, I had the opportunity to travel with my mother and a group of others connected with GREAT to see shows on Broadway. Mom purchased tickets as an early birthday present to me (she is the BEST!) to see Chicago while we were in NYC. I had a gleam in my eyes, and this huge smile on my face, like a kid at Christmas seeing a mountain of presents under the tree on Christmas day. After the show I told my mom how much I would love to be in this musical someday, not knowing that in my very near future this would actually become a reality for me.

GREAT – this group of people – is a place your dreams really can come true. Engage, open up, come see a show or try out. You won’t regret it.”