Nastacia Guimont first took the stage when she was just seven years old. She was in GREAT Theatre’s production of The Wiz. And this fall, she’s coming back and making her Directing Debut with Little Shop of Horrors – LIVE at the Paramount Center for the Arts from September 10th to 19th!

When I was young my Mom made a deal with me to try out for a show – so I did. I got a part – a SPEAKING part – and I was absolutely hooked. The Wiz’ with GREAT Theatre was my first show when I was young, and then they did it again when I was 13 and I played Dorothy. GREAT has given me a lot of landmarks in my career: my first show, my first lead, and now, my first time as a Director.

Nastacia, originally from Sartell, was in many GREAT shows over the years. After graduation, she attended the University of Minnesota with a double major in Theatre & Performing Arts and English. From there, she put in a great deal of hard work, and it continued to pay off.

After college, I did professional theatre for a few years and then moved to Seattle for three years while my husband did his residency. Getting hired and cast after undergrad was very on and off, and I took rejection hard. But I was committed to acting and put in the work to teach myself classical elements that I hadn’t learned in college, and networked and just tried to self-study as much of the processes as I could. In 2014 I sort of ‘broke’ into the Minneapolis scene and got a part in The Guthrie’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. I spent every free minute talking to cast-mates, asking questions, and learning from whoever I could.

In Seattle, Nastacia worked with an agent and was able to teach theatre as well. Then, in 2019 she moved to Chicago.

There were so many cool auditions there. It was very disciplined and I continued to have to put in a lot of work. I was eventually cast in Chicago Med, Grimm, and some commercial and voiceover work, too.

Nastacia has always kept up with GREAT Theatre through her family and online.

My sister was in the 2019 production of Chicago, and my Mom [also a GREAT Board Member, serving as Secretary] always kept in touch with Dennis [Executive Director] about what I was up to.

And when she was asked to direct? She’ll never forget the feeling.

Directing felt like such a far-off dream… like it could maybe happen someday but a long way away. When Dennis approached me with this opportunity it just felt so right. I knew I was ready and was so incredibly honored to be trusted with this project. Truly ‘all the feels.’ Now that we’re in the middle of things and doing the work, it’s such a treat. I love what these actors bring to the table and I love when I make a suggestion and they share an idea and make it 100 times better. I want them to be empowered artists and they’re really showing up for me. It’s been a dream collaboration with the entire GREAT team.

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