April 22nd & 25th

Jimmy Buffett’s Escape to Margaritaville is a musical comedy featuring the most-loved Jimmy Buffett classics, including “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, “Margaritaville,” “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” “Fins,” “Volcano,” and many more. This hilarious and heartwarming musical follows a group of (mostly) hard working people who love deeply, fight for what they believe in, and value their friendships above all. This is a show about building something special and working hard to keep it that way; all packaged in between iconic songs and hilarious dialogue. This show will have audiences singing along and feeling like they’re also on the beaches of Margaritaville!

A Note on Intimacy: 

Theatrical intimacy is any action on stage where the given circumstances of the scene or the overall production calls for touch, both physical and imaginative, or moments between actors of simulated sexuality or sexual violence.

GREAT has been learning from Intimacy Directors & Coordinators (IDC) to improve processes and incorporate safer practices for theatrical intimacy in our rehearsals.

All scenes with intimacy follow a specific set of staging and rehearsal protocols rooted in consent and safety for the actors.

Jimmy Buffett’s Escape to Margaritaville is a fun-loving, high energy show with lots of physical movement and some partner dance. As such some level of physical intimacy/touch is a part of most roles. Intimacy occurs between multiple characters including kissing, embracing, and other moments of physical touch. Characters who engage in specific moments of physical intimacy and kissing are noted in character descriptions.


The link to sign up will be posted 2 weeks before the audition dates.

  • Info Session: April 12th at 7PM via Zoom. SIGN UP HERE
  • Auditions: April 22nd (10AM-3:30PM) & 25th (6PM-9PM) – sign up for your 1 hour slot
    Auditions located at Helgeson Learning Lab Theatre – located at 710 Sundial Drive, Waite Park 56387. Right next to Crafts Direct.
  • Call-backs: April 29th (10AM-1PM)
  • Rehearsals: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (w/ possible Saturday rehearsals) Monday May 22 – Thursday July 13
  • Load In: Friday, July 14 Time TBD
  • Tech/Dress Rehearsals

    Saturday, July 15 from 2:00-11:00PM (dinner provided)

    Sunday, July 16 from 5:00-11:00PM
    Monday, July 17 from 5:00-11:00PM

  • Performances
    Tuesday, July 18 from 6:30p-11:30PM
    Wednesday, July 19 from 6:30p-11:30PM
    Thursday, July 20 from 6:30p-11:30PM
    Partial Strike Following
  • Strike: Friday, July 21 time TBD


Director: Lydia Wagner
Music Director: Hillary Vermillion
Choreographer: Megan Potter
Scenic Designer: Kim Lartz
Props Master: Bonnie Bologna
Costume Designer: Edith G. Moreno
Light Designer: Grant E. Merges
Media Designer: Brad Peterson
Sound Designer: Steve Sanders


1) ALL: Please learn the CHOREOGRAPHY from the provided videos. 

Escape to Margaritaville will come to life with lively, energetic choreography and musical staging. We are providing a choreography video for you to learn the piece in advance. All performers will review and then perform the short routine at the audition. Please dress for movement. 

Choreography from the front
Choreography from the back

2) ALL: Please prepare a MUSIC SELECTION from the provided options. 

Please choose the music that best fits your voice for this audition. If you play guitar, please feel free to sing a song that fits your voice well and demonstrates your guitar skills.

Jimmy Buffett’s Escape to Margaritaville Character Descriptions

Please note that all ethnicities, all gender expressions, and all bodies are encouraged to audition for this production as we are committed to casting a group of actors ranging in age from 18+ that will reflect the people of our community.

TULLY – Male. Character age: 27-39, any ethnicity; A smooth-talking playboy, Tully is content with the life he’s built for himself here on the island. He’s a singer/bartender at the Margaritaville resort and though he’d never admit it, he has a real soft spot for the locals. Cool and confident, he meets Rachel and learns that life might be about more than one vacation at a time. Guitar skills are useful.
This role requires onstage physical intimacy/kiss.

RACHEL – Female. Character age: 27-35, any ethnicity; Some might call her a work-aholic, but Rachel loves her work and is committed to doing whatever it takes to further her research and help the world. She expects high achievement from all the people she surrounds herself with and often finds herself picking up the pieces when she feels they’ve fallen short. Realistic, hard-working, and stubborn, love doesn’t come easily to Rachel until she meets Tully.
This role requires onstage physical intimacy/kiss.

TAMMY – Female. Character age: 25-35, any ethnicity; Tammy has a larger-than-life sense of humor and finds joy in the world wherever she goes. Her fiance, Chad, doesn’t always see things her way and she often makes herself smaller to keep their relationship steady. A loyal friend and lover of puns, Tammy really needs this vacation!
The role requires onstage intimacy/kiss.

BRICK – Male. Character age: 27-39, any ethnicity; The best bartender on the island, Brick could make a golden retriever seem unloyal. He’s got a huge heart, a sensitive soul, and loves helping those around him.
This role requires onstage intimacy/kiss.

MARLEY – Female. Character age: 45-60, written as a native Islander but open to any ethnicity; The owner of the resort, Marley has put her life and soul into this place. She works hard and tries to keep everyone in line, but she loves her employees (and all the island gossip). She’s no-nonsense, knows what she needs from others, and knows exactly how to get it. 

JD – Male. Character age: 50-65, any ethnicity; A funny, endearing older man. He looks something of a washed-ashore pirate, but he knows his place at the resort so he doesn’t get in trouble with Marley. A good-natured drunk who’s losing his hearing and his vision. He talks a big talk about life, but no one really knows if it’s true.

ENSEMBLE – all genders, ages, and ethnicities; these people will range from islanders to tourists to wedding guests. There will be lots to do within this ensemble and many folks will still have featured dialogue and vocal lines. They are the heart and soul of the show that help keep all of the action moving!