January 11th & 14th

​​Omigod, you guys! Based on the smash hit movie, Legally Blonde the Musical follows the transformation of Elle Woods from a pink-loving sorority girl to a Harvard law student. Follow our blonde heroine as she tackles all obstacles, overcomes stereotypes, and educates us all on staying true to your dreams through rousing songs and dynamic show-stopping dance numbers. Action-packed and exploding with memorable songs and dances – this musical is so much fun it should be illegal.

We are committed to casting a group of actors ranging in age from 16+ that will reflect the people of our community. We will be casting roles to include all ethnicities, all gender expressions, and all bodies.

In addition to a variety of singing/dancing/acting roles, there are also roles for non-singing performers and roles for those seeking a dance-intensive experience. Please refer to the roles section below to learn more about the variety of parts.

We want to get to know you! Please indicate any special talents on your audition form including but not limited to formal dance training, gymnastic skills, or musical instrument proficiencies.


The link to sign up will be posted 2 weeks before the audition dates.

  • Auditions: January 11th & 14th
    Wednesday auditions located at downtown GREAT studio – located on the 3rd floor at 919 W. St Germain St, St. Cloud 56301. Right next to Jules Bistro
    Saturday auditions located at Helgeson Learning Lab Theatre – located at 710 Sundial Drive, Waite Park 56387. Right next to Crafts Direct.
  • Call-backs: January 18
  • Rehearsals: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00-9:00pm with a few Saturday and Sunday rehearsals. Not everyone is called for every rehearsal. Please see specific dates/times listed in the audition form.
  • Tech rehearsals: April 3rd – 6th
  • Performances:
    April 7th – 7:30 PM
    April 8th – 7:30 PM
    April 14th – 7:30 PM
    April 15th – 2:00 PM & 7:30 PM
    April 16th – 2:00 PM
    April 20th – 7:30 PM
    April 21th – 7:30 PM
    April 22nd – 7:30 PM
    April 23rd – 2:00 PM
    HOLD for possible added performances: April 13th – 7:30 PM and April 22nd – 2:00 PM

Director: Kendra Norton Dando
Music Director: Hillary Vermillion
Choreographer: Kyle Weiler
Scenic Designer: Reiko Huffman
Costume Designer: Dana Svensson
Light Designer: Grant Merges
Props Master: Bonnie Bologna
Sound Designer: Steve Sanders
Stage Manager: Amanda Kivel


1) Please prepare a MONOLOGUE from the provided options. 

Please choose a monologue from our provided list that reflects the role(s) for which you wish to be considered. Please click the link below for the monologues and tips! 


2) ALL: Please learn the CHOREOGRAPHY from the provided video. 

Legally Blonde will come to life with lively, energetic choreography and musical staging. We are providing a choreography video for you to learn the piece in advance. All performers will review and then perform the short routine at the audition. Please dress for movement. 



3) ALL: Please prepare a MUSIC SELECTION from the provided options. 

Please prepare a song from our provided list that best showcases your voice and demonstrates a connection to the character. Remember to sing the story – you’re acting while singing. Please click on the links below for song options. 


Legally Blonde the Musical Character Descriptions

Please note that all ethnicities, all gender expressions, and all bodies are encouraged to audition for this production as we are committed to casting a group of actors ranging in age from 16+ that will reflect the people of our community.


ELLE WOODS (Gb3-G5 Soprano Belt). Elle, Delta Nu sorority girl with a love of fashion and style, follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School in the attempt to win him back. As she works to prove herself to others, Elle realizes her worth extends beyond her pretty face and bubbly personality. Defying the “dumb blonde bimbo” stereotype, Elle holds true to her values and challenges the norms of Harvard Law.
Female-presenting, all ethnicities. This role requires onstage physical intimacy/kiss. Must be comfortable with dogs. Actor should have strong vocal stamina and be able to act and dance well – Elle is onstage most of the show. 

EMMETT FORREST (B2-A4 Tenor). Emmett is an intelligent, quirky, sensitive, and personable law student. He takes Elle under his wing and believes in her when it seems that no one else does.
Male-presenting, all ethnicities. This role requires onstage physical intimacy/kiss. Must be comfortable with dogs. A strong singer/actor with great comedic timing. 

PAULETTE BUONOFUONTE (A3-A5 Soprano Belt). Paulette is the brassy owner of Hair Affair, a local salon. She becomes friends with Elle and longs for a meaningful romance of her own, hopefully with an Irishman. Paulette provides sound advice and companionship to Elle and the two help each other find their way.
Female-presenting, all ethnicities. This role requires onstage physical intimacy/kiss. Must be comfortable with dogs. Ability to do a Bostonian accent is a plus, a strong singer with a powerful belt and strong comedic timing. 

PILAR, MARGOT & SERENA (G#3-F5 Belt). Margot, Serena, & Pilar are Elle’s entourage who follow her through the story acting as her “Greek Chorus”. They are stereotypical California sorority girls who admire Elle deeply and will do anything for her. Pilar is the sassy and sensible sorority sister. Margot is the seemingly dim-witted, boy-crazy sorority sister. Serena is the energetic cheerleader sorority sister.
Female-presenting, all ethnicities. Must be comfortable with dogs. Strong singers and dancers with good comic timing and youthful energy. 

PROFESSOR CALLAHAN (A2-F#4 Baritone). Callahan is a pompous and manipulative law professor at Harvard who objectifies Elle. Callahan should be charismatic but able to turn instantly into a conniving shark.
Male-presenting, all ethnicities. This role requires onstage physical intimacy/kiss. A strong actor who can sing and move. 

WARNER HUNTINGTON III (Eb3-Ab4 Tenor). Warner is attractive, charming, and confident but very self-absorbed. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his dream of becoming a senator, including breaking Elle’s heart.
Male-presenting, all ethnicities. This role requires onstage physical intimacy/kiss. Looking for an actor who can sing and move. 

VIVIENNE KENSINGTON. Overachieving, smart and savvy law student; Warner’s new girlfriend and eventually fiancé. Intellectually driven, she feels threatened by Elle’s presence at Harvard.
Female-presenting, all ethnicities. This role requires onstage physical intimacy/kiss. Looking for a singer who can act and move. 

BROOKE WYNDHAM (A3-G5 Alto or Soprano). Brooke is an exercise video star and former Delta Nu sorority girl who is accused of murdering her wealthy husband but refuses to testify in her own defense. Brooke exudes confidence and poise.
Female-presenting, all ethnicities. Must have strength/endurance; actor belts while jumping rope. 

DELTA NU/GREEK CHORUS. Kate, Quinn, Addison, Leilani, Avery, Dana, Gaelen, Harper. High energy sorority sisters who are part of the Delta Nus/Greek Chorus.
Female-presenting, all ethnicities. Looking for strong dancers.

FEATURED ENSEMBLE ROLES. Featured ensemble roles have specific characters/roles and will also double as ensemble.
Female and male presenting, All ethnicities. Looking for strong characters acting, some singing and dance. 

ENID HOOPS.Enid is a strong feminist, opinionated, and outspoken Harvard law student. 

SUNDEEP PADAMADAN. Foreign Harvard law student. Former leader of his country.

AARON SCHULTZ. Ridiculously accomplished Harvard Law student and multi-millionaire.

DEWEY. Paulette’s rude, dog-stealing ex-boyfriend. 

KYLE B. O’BOYLE. Kyle is the smooth-talking UPS deliveryman. Paulette’s dream guy.

NIKOS ARGITAKOS. Brooke Wyndham’s pool boy. European. Trial witness. 

CARLOS. Nikos’s “best friend”.

CHUTNEY WINDHAM. Jealous stepdaughter to Brooke Wyndham. 

ENSEMBLE. Ensemble characters will play multiple roles throughout the production. Many have featured solos and/or lines. 

Roles include Mrs. Woods, Mr. Woods, Judge, Court Stenographer, D.A. Joyce Riley, Jurors, TV Reporter, Whitney, Winthrop, Pforzheimer, Lowell, Grand Master Chad, Guard, Sabrina, Store Manager, Salespeople, Salon Patrons, Harvard professors and students, dancers in Brooke’s video, etc. 

Female and male presenting, all ethnicities. Looking for actors and singers who can dance and move.