Submissions due August 4

Volunteer to be a performer for a A Virtual Broadway Revue fundraiser! It will be streamed live on Sunday September 13th at 2:00pm from the Paramount Center for the Arts. There will not be a live audience for this performance and performers will be stationed to be physically distant as they take the stage one by one. We will be asking those watching the Broadway Revue to consider making a donation that will be split between GREAT and the Paramount to ensure we both survive and thrive.


  • Please fill out our google form to indicate your interest by August 4th with up to three songs you would like us to consider you singing
  • Families and/or couples are encouraged to suggest a song(s) they can perform as a group safely from the Paramount stage. Please choose songs that are 3 minutes or less (or you can down to three minutes) and we will need a variety of styles (ballads, comedy, classic, modern etc.) 
  • Don’t let the original gender of who sang the song get in your way… be creative!

GREAT will be in touch after August 4th to either request a video of you singing the song or to let you know if we don’t have room in our event for you this time.  We are trying to create a night of classic and modern musical songs performed by a variety of ages and genders.