Marie “MJ” is making her GREAT Theatre Broadway debut in our upcoming performance of “The Sound of Music.” Her first time being involved with GREAT was this summer in camp. MJ, who will be playing Gretl, is 8 years old and in 2nd grade at St. Katharine Drexel here in St. Cloud.

I’m actually the youngest kid in the show! Which I think is kinda cool. I don’t have too many lines, but I have a lot of staging to remember … where to be and when.

MJ said she enjoys that a lot of her rehearsal time is spent with those playing the other von Trapp siblings and Maria and that she’s had so much fun.

We do some singing and dancing, which can be hard to remember, too. But we all learn it together and practice together, then it just starts to come together! Sometimes getting ready to perform can be a little scary for me, and I get butterflies, but then I get out there and do it and I really love it.

MJ has a lot of favorite parts of the show, but there’s one line, in particular, that’s ‘the best.’ 

There’s a really silly part where I say ‘My finger hurts’ and that I can’t sing because of my finger… it’s just so funny.

Come laugh with MJ and enjoy “The Sound of Music” running November 13th – 28th at the Paramount Center for the Arts.